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2019: Akande Assures His Tenure As Senator Will Bolster Constituency, Cautions Youths Against Voting The Corrupt


Akpan Etukudoh Asare

The Senatorial candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ARNP) for Kwara State central,

Asiwaju Busari Shaamsuddeen Akande, the Senatorial candidate of Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ARNP) for Kwara State central,  has assured that when he is elected next year, every member of his constituency will be happier than now.

According to him,  he will commit his resources and attention to bolstering the educational fortune of and empowering the people of the district.

He has cautioned the people and youths of the constituency to beware of those coming to them with sugar-coated tongues, especially those that have been there and did nothing to salvage them and enhance their fortunes.

Speaking to journalists in Calabar, the alumni of American Trinity University California said every member of his constituency would be a winner in all ways possible when he is elected.

He said he is the best alternative in the state to salvage her from the tight grip of a cabal which has milked and emasculated the state for many years.

“I am the  best alternative for Kwara State central senatorial district. I am going to prioritize my people’s interests over other results.   Four years from now, people won’t remember whether you hit all of your goals. They will remember how you made them feel on the way there.  My positive impact will ripple far beyond my tenure because I will connect, develop and inspire. To me, I see my candidature as a call to a higher mission as a leader.

“I will connect in person because positive legacy can only be perpetuated by positive human interaction

I will control less, empower more people so that many more leaders and prosperous people can emerge.

” I will teach Kwara central true independence.  I want to be the role model of ethical politics.”

Akande also stressed that the people of Kwara central now need a strong voice on the front lines, not on the sidelines to deal with local pressures that deprive them  their welfare and wellbeing, so that the people can have a voice that is reflective of today’s Kwara not the Kwara of a quarter century ago

Cautioning the electorate about thowe who do not mean well for them, Akande, a key proponent of islamic banking, said “No sane youth will look up to the old horse as a role model, he is teaching them divide and rule politics, politics of disrespect to the highest office, politics of thuggery and robbery, politics of private interest, politics of budget padding, politics of rich, politics of one in year gift and politics of advanced slavery.

” I have always believed its not about moving more to the left or more to the right as they are doing but its about moving forward with commonsense measures, policies that truly improve the human condition for all Kwarans, regardless of who you are.”


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