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450,000 Received CCT In 3 Years, Says Co-ordinator


Akpan Etukudoh Asare
The National Co-ordinator of the Conditional Cash Transfer scheme of the federal government, Dr. Temitope Sinkaye has confirmed that 450,000 Nigerians have so far benefitted from the National Cash Transfer between 2016 till date.
She said that the office was currently doing an electronic enrolment for a further 150,000 more beneficiaries across the country are being enrolled.
She disclosed this in Calabar during the Conditional Cash Transfer Mid-Year review workshop held with officials from 15 participating states in the country.
She said that the target was to capture one million households by end of 2019.
She said that her office undertook a proxy-means testing’ method to determine those who are actually poor and needed the cash most, adding that in the register of those captured, not everybody was poor. She said that the 450,000 beneficiaries were those who cannot meet their basic nutritional requirements and do not have other means of livelihood to sustain them. "When we get the list of beneficiaries, we subject it to aproxy-means testing’ and then come up with those who are absolutely poor.
“We believe that it is the absolute poor people that N5,000 means a lot to them.
“Such beneficiaries have been identified by members of their communities to be the poorest and vulnerable that needed the cash transfer most.”, she said.
Sinkaye said that the office was committed to reducing poverty in Nigeria by sourcing for the poorest poor in the rural areas to benefit from the cash transfer of N5,000 monthly.
Prof. Ivara Esu, Deputy Governor of the state, who was represented at the workshop by the state Auditor General, Mr. Chris Nyong, said that Cross River was the first state in the South South to key into the cash transfer.
Esu explained that the cash transfer programme which is targeted at the core poor, has impacted positively on the lives of the beneficiaries.
10,583 beneficiary households in the state were currently receiving their monthly stipend to improve their nutritional value, according to head of Cross River Cash Transfer Unit, Francis Aribia.


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