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A Time To Heal And A Time To Grow


An Inaugural Address Presented By Chief Okey Ozumba, President, Imo State University Alumni Association (IMSUAA)


We are here today, as one people binded by a common destiny and tied forever by our shared academic history. For me, one of the things I am most proud about is my association with Imo State University, Owerri, and this is the single most important motivation for choosing to associate with this Association and at this time to lead her, especially, at this critical bend in her history.

Great Stars, friends and guests, I am especially grateful to all of you for making out time to join us today as we turn a fresh page in the history of Imo State University Alumni Association. We are turning a fresh page, not just because our Constitution mandates us to elect new officials biennially, but because, as an Association, we do not have any option but to turn a fresh page, to heal and to grow.

The puerile and putrid embarrassments of the last few months must come to an end and our resolve as an entity and a collection of professionals must not be taken for granted. The next two years of our service shall be dedicated to uniting all alumni, positively impacting our alma mater through infrastructural and educational interventions, enhancing the welfare of our members through regular empowerment schemes, job opportunities and other helpful interventions.

Following from our election last month, we have not wavered on consulting critical stakeholders within the Association and in the university environment, and there is a consensus of opinions on the need for us to grow beyond activism to governance and to divorce acrimony and marry ideas.

Let me put it on record that this is a non-partisan Association. Members and officials of this Association come from different political parties with varied ideological and partisan loyalties. But, as soon as we get into the umbrella of IMSUAA, everyone drops his political leaning and focus more on things that build our Association, benefit our members and impact positively on our alma mater.

As a first step towards actualizing lasting peace within the Association, one of my first functions as the President of this great Association is to set up a Reconciliation committee whose members shall look into and advise the Association on ways to bring everyone under one umbrella for the progress of the Association. We shall take their recommendations seriously. However, respect for our Constitution, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria especially as it concerns corporate governance, are sacrosanct.

We shall be proposing to host the IMSU Alumni Love Fest, on before April, 2021, by which time I expect that the Reconciliation committee would have concluded its work and its recommendations adopted and implemented. The Love Fest shall afford us the opportunity to consummate our peace efforts and bring all of us back as one, indivisible union of Stars. 

We shall be reinvigorating our Star-to-Star initiative, to encourage Stars to always patronize the services and goods of fellow Stars. To that end, the National PRO of our Association has been mandated to create the Star Business Directory, which shall contain the summary of all businesses that Imo Stars are involved in. This directory shall be both online and in hard copy, for easy accessibility by all Stars. I encourage all Stars to subscribe to this great initiative.

We shall be organizing a Leadership Lecture Series which shall commence from the first quarter of next year. This Lecture Series shall welcome the presence of renowned leaders in different sectors of our economy to proffer ideas for solving some of Imo’s nay Nigerian governance questions. These lectures will eventually be compiled our annual “Star Journal”, which shall be a reference material for leadership ideas.

Even though I have been elected and subsequently inaugurated as the President of this great Association, I want to tell you, that we are going to do this together. Every step of the way, we have to work together to birth that Association of our dreams. Therefore, I encourage all of us who have one idea or another that they believe will be beneficial to us as an Association to come forward with such ideas. The office of the Vice-president shall collate these ideas whenever they come and we shall discuss them and ensure their implementation.

Dear Stars, everyone of us and indeed, every alumni of Imo State University is an ambassador of the university. We are the biggest advertisement for the quality of certificates and training that Imo State University can offer, and we must be good ambassadors of our alma mater anywhere we are. We must remember that our dog bears whatever name we give it, we must therefore decide to give our alma mater the best image possible, as our activities and performances wherever we are found, invariably affect the ratings of our university. We must therefore be conscious of this fact in doing whatever we do.

I want to thank everyone of you for finding time to be with us today and I assure you that the confidence you have reposed in me to lead the Association at this time will never be taken for granted. May the Almighty God lead us safely back to our various destinations.


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