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Akwa Ibom People, Deal With This


By Micheal Joseph Okon

No matter the Political Party you belong to, speak up now.
The attempt to bring back the obnoxious Onshore/Offshore dichotomy by the APC administration is wicked and will destroy Nigeria.
As Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida through Decree 106 of 1992 abolished the Onshore-Offshore Dichotomy.
The National Assembly passed an Act in 2004 to remove the dichotomy and approved the 13% derivation principle (which is not even enough), in Allocation of revenue to oil producing States. Now, they are plotting to even stop the 13% derivation.
Governor El Rufai had openly expressed his opposition to restructuring. That he was drafted to chair an APC Restructuring Committee, which has recommended reintroduction of the evil onshore /offshore dichotomy must be resisted by all patriotic people of Akwa Ibom.
The Resource Control struggle of Obong Victor Attah cannot be in vain.
About 90% of oil wells owned by Akwa Ibom State is offshore, don’t allow them steal your God given heritage from you. Akwa Ibom people are not slaves in Nigeria.
Any politician who keeps silent is like Esau who wants to sell his birthright for political ambition. Register to vote. We must stop them before they ruin Nigeria.


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