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Ambulance With Corpse In Flames in Imo


By:  Antiquity Prince

It was an unfortunate scene, in fact, an inevitable predicament, yesterday, Saturday, January 11, 2020, when a moving ambulance carrying a dead body to the mortuary, caught fire on the road, very close to the mortuary, along Umuahia-Owerri federal road.

The unexpected predicament happened at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon, two poles away from Mercy Mortuary Umulogho Obowo. The Ambulance (vehicle) was on the motion when fire started dropping from the fuel tank, while the car was boiling inside, the driver immediately stopped, called for people’s help, and there was a crowd of people that helped him instantly, but all to no avail.

People used buckets of water mixed with detergent, buckets of sand, green leaves, etc, to stop the fire. As they quench the fire, it was dropping more from the fuel tank, at a time, one passerby driver brought his fire extinguisher, quenched the fire again, but more fire kept dropping from the fuel tank. At this point, the bereaved family forcefully opened the ambulance boot, brought down the corpse (a woman) then struggle continued, everybody continued to quench the fire using different methods simultaneously, but all efforts were unsuccessful.

The next was to lift the car upside down, but over fifteen able bodied men could not lift or turn the car upside down, as the car looked heavier than a tipper. All hope got lost when three persons brought their fire extinguisher, and three of them were used closely and simultaneously, to quench the fire, but magically fire was still dropping; at this juncture, the bereaved family got more confused, then carried the corpse in a stretcher and walked to the mortuary to deposit the corpse. Immediately they left the scene with the corpse, the ambulance flamed up, started burning mysteriously. Honestly speaking, people tried, in fact, we tried, but for close to 1 hour, all efforts and suggestions used to quench the fire could not do so, and the car got burnt completely (you can see picture, while burning and after burning) from 2:45pm to 5:45pm.

Immediately after the car got burnt, different stories emanated from all angles, saying that, “the woman told the children not to take her to the mortuary; the woman said do not drive her in a car to mortuary, the woman said this, said that, when she was alive, etc”, but all were guessing, rumour and unconfirmed news. The only news about the dead body is that, she is a mother of a *Reverend father* from Dikenta Avutu Obowo. She died in a hospital at Aba branch junction, in Ehime Mbano L.G.A, same yesterday, before they took her corpse out of the hospital, to a closer Mortuary.

In all, we thank God the corpse was not burnt only the car and some things in the car were burnt completely, beyond recognition.


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