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Aniekan Bassey And His Hotels


Eteyen Ekanem

While other Assembly men are in high spirit in preparation for their constituency briefing the same can not be said to be the case with Hon Aniekan Bassey of URUAN state constituency. Its no longer news that majority of the Atakpos have rejected the cocky Assembly man who had shunned his people for the past 3 years while building his hotels in Ewet Housing, Uyo and Etinan. In as much as Uruan people do not wish him to be a beggarly politician after his tenure, the disappointed electorates of Uruan extractions have not missed opportunity at different platforms to call attention to his negligence of his constituency while feeding fat on the peoples mandate given on trust.

Of recent Hon Aniekan Bassey has attempted a failed media hype to hoodwink Uruan people and probably the state leadership that he the goodwill of Uruan people for his second term bid, this can not be farer from the truth since he remains the worst in terms of performance and acceptability compared to past Assembly representatives from Uruan local government area.

His ill fated constituency briefing which Uruan people anticipate as a pay back time for years of aloofness shall be more of send off gathering of one term is enough for Hon Aniekan Bassey.

It has s even worth emphasizing that zoning nor rotation does not favour Aniekan Bassey’s second term bid since House of Assembly has been zoned to North Central, besides his consistent dropping of Mr Udom Emmanuel’s as a guarantee for his second term bid having voted against local government autonomy has been an unpardonable and unacceptable campaign strategy of one who should have known better.

Just yesterday, one Ofonime Honesty of APC media team that has never seen anything good in Governor Udom Emmanuel was hired to pen down another image of a man that does not exist in the minds of Uruan people. Not a few PDP loyalists have questioned the rational behind a man that hates Udom Emmanuel praising a house member that has been rejected by the Atakpos home and abroad. This unholy romance of Aniekan Bassey with APC apologists who see nothing good in Gov Udom Emmanuel has plummeted him further down the path that irks.

Uruan people are determined not to allow another agonizing 4 years of wasted legislative space by Hon Aniekan Bassey, he may as well take what he has amassed already and invest more in his hotels in Etinan and other Local government areas apart from Uruan local government area that gave him the opportunity to be their member. What a disappointment and capital flight when the name Aniekan Bassey is mentioned in Uruan today.

*© Eteyen Ekanem is a public affairs Analyst and writes from Ndon Ebom, South South Uruan.*


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