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APC Ward Congress: Delta PDP Condemns Killing Of Oghoveta


By Festus Ahon

ASABA- DELTA State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has condemned what it described as gruesome and deliberate murder of Mr Jeremiah Oghoveta, All Progressive Congress, APC ward chairmanship candidate from ward 10, Otu-Jeremi, Ughelli South local government area of the State during the last weekend’s ward congress of the party. delta-state-map State Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Mr Michael Osuoza in a statement, said; “The report of his death indicates that Mr. Jeremiah Oghoveta met his untimely demise as a result of circumstances that were allegedly caused by the perpetration of electoral fraud and malpractice during the APC Ward Congress in his Local Government Area. “Our hearts go out to the family of Mr. Jeremiah Oghoveta and his loved ones who are now bereaved by this unexpected fatality.

The death of one man diminishes us and the sudden cutting down of Mr. Oghoveta, a promising young Deltan with a bright political future and ready to serve his people and his State, in the prime of his life, diminishes us further and unveils to us once more, how fragile and temporal our existence truly is. May his gentle soul rest in peace. “While it will be uncharitable and un-African to even consider or seek any untoward political mileage out of the demise of a fellow Deltan, it behoves on us as a responsible political party, to point out that this gory incident which took Mr. Jeremiah Oghoveta’s life raises the question once again, over the extent to which the APC and its supporters are ready to go to get what they want.

“Sadly, this weekend’s violence and fatality in an APC organized event did not only happen in Delta State, as reports reaching us also claim that Rivers State in particular and other States across the country, were equally embroiled in widespread violence over and during the conduct of the APC Ward congresses while violence consumed the APC Ekiti State governorship primaries, over allegations of electoral malpractices, fraudulent activities by the actors and other sharp practices which are all hallmarks of rigging elections. “We will not dwell on the various accusations and allegations that the APC heaped and continues to pour on our party after every election, but the fact is becoming clearer now that pot of the APC impunity is even ‘blacker’ than the PDP democratic kettle and Deltans and Nigerians are becoming wiser by the day that nothing good will ever come out of APC.

“We also want to use this medium to sound a note of warning and caution that what is happening in the APC, with all these violence and deaths, even in small elections and political activities like ward congresses, is not a good sign at all. What the APC has done is to send out a dangerous warning signal to all and sundry that they will do everything possible, including violence and taking of lives, to achieve their aim in 2019 and this message has been sent loud and clear with the dastardly murder of Mr. Jeremiah Oghoveta. “We use this medium to call on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC and security agencies to take note of our warnings and concern as we enter the electioneering period for the 2019 general elections.

To forewarned is to be forearmed “As we mourn with the bereaved family of Mr. Jermiah Oghoveta and indeed all Deltans, over this sad and unnecessary death, we pray the good Lord to give his immediate family and relatives the fortitude to bear the loss and the grace and divine provision to carry on without him in the months and years to come. “We must not allow APC to endanger the lives and property of Deltans again because of their wild and uncontrollable ambition to get power at all cost. Politics is not a do or die affair. A word is enough for the wise”.






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