Attitude During Waiting Period


    Ayoola Igwe

    Life is not a bed of roses and we all don’t have the grace for the same task or responsibility. What I am writing about is a rebuttal to the claims by some ladies that they stood by their guy in the days of lack but as soon as the days of plenty arrived he leaves them for another girl.

    One valid question such ladies should be asked is HOW DID YOU STAY OR WAIT WITH HIM IN THE DAYS OF NOTHING? I believe that being patient is not all there is to patience but the character exhibited during the waiting period. Some ladies give their man the impression that they are doing him a favor by standing with him during his trying times.

    Some even go as far as dating or flirting with other men but when the boyfriend confronts them they justify their action, yet, giving this attitude that they are doing him a favour to still be in his life, hmmmm. Eventually when such a guy becomes comfortable & decides to show her the way out of his life, the lady cries foul. At that point, Galatians 6:7 is fulfilled in the lady’s life, it says and I paraphrase,”…whatsoever a man sows he shall reap”.

    The Holy Writ says before a man embarks on a project, wisdom demands that he counts the cost to know if he has all that it takes to start and finish the project. The same thing should be applicable in relationships too. Count & weigh the cost before you embark on it. Don’t get into it and you start misbehaving. Not all ladies have the grace to stick to an “upcoming guy” so to speak. If you don’t have the grace then don’t go into a relationship with such class of guys, leave them (the guys) for ladies who have that grace. It is he that endures to the END that shall be saved. Now, the balance to all my plenty talk is this, a guy should call the attention of his girl to her unbecoming character during his trying times when the 30billion never land than wait till he’s comfortable before he gives her a red card. Even in football, most times than not, a player is giving a warning card before he or she is outrightly sent out of the field of play with a red card. In the same token let her know that she is erring big time and if she refuses to change show her the way out even from the time when you have nothing, don’t wait so that way no one accuses you of “using and dumping her”.
    I remain your relationship analyst.


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