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Biafra: Open Letter To Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by an Igbo Man


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has been given words of wisdom in this well written open letter.


Dear Mazi,

Once again, the unpleasant events prevalent at the moment have caused me to stay awake tonight in sober reflection, desperately switching moods just to ensure an unbiased epistle transmitted to your esteemed self.

Definitely, I must not forget to mention here that my first letter got to you and was a major issue of discuss on Radio Biafra for days, your solemn reactions were also duly communicated though unofficially but quite noted. With reference to my last epistle, I was goggly elated that you appreciated my sincere advise, but frowned at the channel of communication.

My man, in recent times, you are unconsciously stifling the many voices who were counting the gains of the IPOB struggle. I want to caution here that you have embarked on a mission quite unbecoming of your current social status, one who enjoys large human capital within and outside Igboland. Also, you have bluntly declined to consolidate on the successes garnered since the inception of the IPOB struggle.

I will not be economical with the truth, you have unarguably restored Igbo political relevance in Nigeria. Yes, your social crusade has registered positive impacts in Nigeria. Today, Ndigbo no longer feel conquered as a result of the uncalculated risk taken at 2015 Presidential elections. We are no longer addressed and referred to as ‘wailers’. Ndigbo all over the world have come to realise that really it is possible to speak with one voice, and work together as one for our common good.

My man, I sincerely think at this point that you should play down on your modus operandi and rejig your strategy and tactics. It is advisable to urgently apply ‘street’ sense in the days ahead in order to contain the prevailing unpalatable situation. Nna do not forget rule number 1, which provides that to survive in the ‘street’, do not take the ‘street’ home.
Mazi, ‘jungle don mature’ it is now survival of the wisest.

Prior to the declaration by the Federal Government to initiate military exercise code named “Python dance’ down east, there had been obvious symptoms of a possible army pre-occupation craftily designed to ensure IPOB’s overlapping civil disobedience against the states was curtailed. At the break of the developing story, I did emphasize in my previous letter that you halt the rampaging overzealous members of IPOB lest they become easy prey to the prying eyes of the federal forces. I recall vividly having advocated a change in approach.

The events around us here in the South East is no tea party, the entire Igbo land have been heavily militarized and IPOB is on the watch list. It is upon us to decide the next action. Whichever way, we must calm frayed nerves and embrace peace. This is time to be more vocal on the need to broker peaceful dialogue not war songs as being chanted by unarmed and inexperienced people. We must not entertain a repeat of 1966/67 episode.

Mazi, whatever becomes the colour and size of the Python in Igboland in days to come will be viewed based on your IPOB’s modus operandi. The Python dance should be regarded as another poisonous sting and shouldn’t be patronized.

It is time to show the world that you are a man of peace, one who would not wish the security of lives and properties of his kinsmen threatened. It is time to be more vocal calling on the authorities for a dialogue on the core issues, and noble curse. It is time to forge a strategic partnership with Leaders of Thought in Igbo land. It has become very clear that you are not alone, but do not be deceived or hailed to the path of destruction by unfriendly friends.

Nwanne, nataba! You have made enough positive impact! Biko!

Remember, he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day! The fight is the Lord’s! He will not let us down!


Ogbuefi Comrade Harris Chuma
Ogene Ndigbo

Credit: Newsquest


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