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“BREAKOUT” (Movie Premiere)


Rika Film Productions (RFP), hereby announces the Premiere of their newest release, “BREAKOUT” a film about women trafficking on the international stage.  BREAKOUT features footages that were shot in the US and Nigeria

RFP collaborated with leading producers in the US and Africa (Nigeria), and Arise! (a not-for-profit organization for women and children’s issues), to create awareness about the issue of girls trafficked from third world countries to western countries.

The movie is first been premiered in the Washington DC region, in order to attract the attention of world leaders and Ambassadors from countries that are severely impacted by Human/Girls/Women trafficking from around the world.  A feature magazine will also be released at the the Premiere, featuring organizations that supported the project, or have declared interest or have future interest in combating human trafficking.

Organizations that want to be showcased for their support against human trafficking may still contact RFP via their contact information below, to be featured in the “BREAKOUT” premiere magazine.

About the Movie “BREAKOUT”

“Breakout” is a powerful riveting tale of human sex trafficking on the international stage. The Movie focuses on an in-depth look at the trafficking industry, including rarely seen aspects of recruitment and transit to final locations; for the illicit trade in prostitution and sexual tourism.  Trafficking victims can be found everywhere, including the US; however, this Movie includes victims originating from developing countries in Africa, with a special focus and footage from Nigeria.  The victims are ultimately trafficked to Europe, Asia, and the US.

Breakout was shot on locations in the US and in Africa (Nigeria).  The Movie provides a look at the intricate web in the recruitment of low-skill young women for prostitution around the world; including how the traffickers gain psychological control of the victims, the dehumanizing treatment to victims, and the various criminal dimensions of the industry.

This movie is a must-see for individuals and organizations concerned with human-sex trafficking, and human sex-trafficking advocates worldwide.  It is also a must-see for those countries that are severely affected or whose citizens are affected as trafficked persons.

Eventbrike link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/breakout-movie-premiere-tickets-38464495341?aff=es2


Sara Smith,

Media Relations, RFP

Email: info@rikafilms.com

Tel: 202 489-0606


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