Home News Buhari ‘Alleged’ Spying Of Aisha’s Ballot Paper, Nigerians React

Buhari ‘Alleged’ Spying Of Aisha’s Ballot Paper, Nigerians React


Nigerians on Twitter are drawing humour from viral clip showing President Muhammadu Buhari supposedly peeping his wife, Aisha’s ballot paper.
Reports have it that the first couple were in high spirits on Saturday as they cast their vote in Daura.
A brief moment showed them sharing smiles as Buhari seemingly checked Aisha’s ballot paper right before she put it in the ballot box.
The video has since gone viral on Twitter, making one of the top trending stories, with Nigerians appreciating the bond that shone from the moment.
@Adetokey said, “It’s nice to see that after years of marriage. They can still have a good laugh. Not everyday serious.”
@OErhiyoma tweeted, “I see Love and a family who are playful with each other. Me like awwww”
@Odopeter88 tweeted, “The president was just being humorous. The behavior doesn’t portray lack of trust.”
@Kennisworld said, “Lols. All I see is Buhari being humourous there.. May the better candidate win.”
@Anthoniosisso tweeted, “This is actually funny. Buhari must have a nice sense of humour.”
However, some Nigerians felt it was unethical and committed distrust between the president and his wife.
@iamoverwhelming said, “That action is against INEC laws…imagine everyone having such fun?”
@Jadakigs tweeted, “Trust no one”.


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