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Cameroonian Bishop Raises Alarm Over Mass Killing, Appeals For International Help


From Akpan Etukudo Asare, Calabar

A clergyman in Cameroon, Bishop Michael Arrey has raised alarm over continuous mass killing in his country

He said  many foreigners were not only indiscriminately killed but are being captured by the the Cameroonian  military forces.

In a telephone conversation, Arrey said that as he was speaking heavy shooting was intensifying around the Muyuka hospital in southern Cameroon, adding that several people in the neighbourhood were picking and making their telephone calls from under their beds.

He said two  gendarmes were gunned down at Ekona community while a Police Commissioner by name Ateba was captured.

He said there was now dire need for friendly nations including Nigeria and America to step in and stop the gruesome killings, which ensued since last year October when the southern Cameroon insisted on becoming a sovereign country.

Explaining further, Arrey said a Brasseries truck was roasted with human beings in the “evil forest” Ngyenbo, early Thursday morning,  while tension was heightened at the mile 19 neighborhood as a result of the arson.

He decried the ongoing arson and capturing of foreigners and community leaders.  Hear him,  “The whole of Ngwo community has been burnt down and scores of people killed by the Cameroonian forces. Starting from Njikwa, among others,  they have burnt Nfonyam’s compound, shot Pa Nfornam, caught and carried George Nfornyam away. Shot Anyi’s wife. Nkun market square burnt dpwn and they are on burning rampage through Ngwo espcially along the main road through the entire village.  They burnt Ngebenge, Sabli and are moving towards Njwuo. Since there is no net work ,  details of what is done and who is killed cannot be known. It will be mostly elderly and handicapped persons killed since those most able bodied persons have fled to the bushes.”

He also informed that the fighting group from the southern Cameroon ‘Ambazonia Republic’ called  The Dragons  were putting up stout resistance against the Cameroonian forces.

According to him, the Dragons in retaliation descended a one  Azi community and killed many Cameroonian military men.


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