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Randy Catholic Priest Impregnates Student in Imo Poly


Wisdom Oguamanam

A randy Roman Catholic Priest and staff of Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwu has allegedly impregnated an ND 11 student of the Department of Mass Communication in the Orlu campus of the Polytechnic.

The Agenda Online reports that the pregnant student, whose name is given as Cynthia (surname withheld) had earlier told her colleagues that a Corp member serving in the area was responsible, but confided in her close friend and ‘bestie’ that the randy priest is the actual culprit.

Our Correspondent reports that the unholy relationship between the Priest and the student started when she was admitted to the Polytechnic and staff and students were made to believe that she was a relation of the priest.

The Agenda Online investigations revealed that Cynthia has made several efforts, on the instructions of the randy clergy to terminate the pregnancy, without success.

Further investigations revealed that the same Cynthia was pregnant early in 2019 for the same priest, but succeeded in terminating it, on the instructions of the priest.

The randy priest is believed to be a close ally of the former Rector of the Polytechnic, Rev. Fr. Wence Madu and is said to enjoy the protection of the cabal loyal to the former Rector.

Similarly, another student of the department in the same Polytechnic, whose name was given as Christabel (surname withheld) was pregnant for the same priest in 2019 and later dropped out of school. Reports say she has given birth for the priest, a development that was meant to be a top secret. Our investigations revealed that she is presently in her village in Imo State, nursing the child.

Speaking on the matter, a student of the Polytechnic and a close friend of the pregnant Cynthia, who spoke to our Correspondent on the grounds of anonymity confirmed the report, but maintained that it is a top secret.

“Yes; my girl friend Cynthia is Pregnant. She confided in me that Rev. Father (name withheld) is responsible. She has made series of efforts to remove it, but it is not working. The man gave her money to remove it and she has been trying, but without success. She has told him to arrange to remove it himself, as her efforts are yet to yield the desired result. She still comes to school, but wears big gowns that will cover her stomach. She normally comes early to class before lecturers arrive, so that no one will notice.”

Speaking on the randy nature of the priest, the girl said “I stopped going to my Church because of him. I am a Catholic, but, the kind of things I am seeing are confusing me. Is this the kind of person I should go and kneel down to confess sins? Is this the kind of person that will take me to heaven? When I leave here, any Parish I see a decent priest presiding over, I will start worshipping there. If it is about these ones here, I will not go. How can my priests be sleeping with me? He (this same Rev. Father) has even asked me out before. This is not the first time he is getting my friend pregnant. The first time was in 2019, but he gave her money to remove it and she did. That same period, another girl in our department (Mass Communication) was pregnant for him. Every day, he will leave the school premises with different girls. My friend told me that when he gets home, somewhere behind Concord Hotel, Owerri, he will choose one and distribute the other girls to his colleagues, that is his fellow priests.”

Continuing, she stressed “when he was with us here in Orlu, no girl had any carry over. Even if you fail, he will tell you not to worry, that he will fix. That time, he had some powerful positions that enabled him lure girls. I know of people that failed French and some other courses that time, but none of them came back to write the carry over. They have all graduated. He will not even allow them to write any carry over. Sometimes, he will take them to his house, give them a separate answer sheet and allow them to write the exam again, with the help of notebooks and textbooks. He will then give them high scores. When lecturers return marked exam sheets, he will retrieve the original answer scripts and replace them with the one written in his house. That made him to have problems with some lecturers in the Department, who came out to condemn what he was doing with students.”

When asked if the former Rector knew about his immoral conducts, the girl retorted “why won’t he know? How will he not know?”

“I can’t wait to finish this ND and leave this school. They have destroyed this place. How can those brought to organize the place be destroying it? I have already told my father and I will not come back here for my HND. This is not how a school functions. I pray the Management will look into what has happened in Mass Communication and take steps to sanitize this place.”

Reacting to the development, a staff of the Polytechnic who does not want his name in print lamented over what he described as unfortunate developments in the Polytechnic.

“My brother, do not be surprised if this matter is killed. How can it be addressed when the man is an ally of the former Rector? He is a member of the Wence cabal. The Registrar, Mrs. Njemanze is part of the cabal. The Bursar is a member of the cabal. The newly appointed Rector was nominated by Rev. Fr. Wence. He is their stooge. Let me tell you, it will take a miracle if anything happens. They will protect him and cover up the abomination. Mark my words.”

“If I tell you the kind of things that guy did in Orlu campus, you will be ashamed. Few of the lecturers that attempted to the call him to order; he fell out with them, kept some redundant, while threatening them with sack. There was a time he had five different powerful and juicy positions in this school simultaneously. In fact, I don’t want to go into some things. Those of us that are practicing Catholics were really ashamed. I call on Governor Hope Uzodinma to take steps to sanitize Imo Poly.”

All efforts to reach the Head of Orlu Campus of the Polytechnic and the new Rector for comments proved abortive.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned!


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