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Charley Boy and the Lost Generation?, by Kelechi Deca


It was the revered legend, Bob Marley who said that “I have no education. I have inspiration. If I have education, I would be a damned fool”. In the last 24 hours, I have been stunned reading comments and views expressed by young educated Nigerians.

Charley Boy Oputa is a 66 year old grand father who reached the zenith of his chosen career while most of us were still toddlers. He is one of the very few Africans that defied culture, tradition and convention to prove that people can be anything they chose to be in life.He does not need to prove anything, he is Charley Boy, his life over the last 45 years is proof enough. He despised elitism and chose the street when millions of today’s parents were fasting and praying for elitism and privilege.

This is a 66 year old grandfather who has seen it all, and lived it all. Heir to the Oputa clan, with name that can open any door. He could easily walk into any government office or corporate organisation and use his name and brand to get whatever he want and get whatever contract he desires. He belongs to the elite and the elite in this country, yet he chose the street to become “Area Father”.

You are unemployed, even where you are employed, your job is threatened by a very hopeless system, and the future of your young children are equally threatened by a nation on auto-pilot fast heading to precipice.

Yet you are busy raining abuses on a grandfather who has had it all but is sacrificing his comforts to raise consciousness about the present state of affairs in this nation, fight for your future and the future of your unborn kids.

You are entitled to disagree with him, his method or his approach. But you are not entitled to disagree with his right to protest. Your political partisanship is eroding a very vital aspect of your being. Watch it…..

Ronald Reagan rightly stated that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same”.

You should be worried that you live in a country where citizens are not free to express themselves peacefully in any part of that country.

You should be worried that you live in a country where the law enforcement agencies cannot provide protection for citizens while they are expressing their rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

Stop majoring in the minor, and stop making comparisons that make no sense.

What is wrong is wrong!


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