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Electricty Companies And Corporate Terrorism


By Adewale Adeoye
Terrorism is an extremely bad phenomenon.
Terrorists kill and maim in large numbers.
They bring forth misery, anguish and melancholy.
But before you blame Boko Haram, think twice.
There are many terrorists in suit and tie; there are terrorists who commit genocide daily in the name of corporate business.
They are business men and women who ride in big and expensive cars drained from the blood of the masses.
They commit genocide daily but cover up with the veil that they are contributing to the GDP.
Don’t mind that their bosses and pot bellies go to Church and pay tithe. They are rougues and armed robbers.
This is the best way I can describe some of these so called electricity companies.
They came as friends of politicians and took over PHCN.
But they have increased our sorrows.
Nigerians are responding with bile, pent-up anger and bottled up feelings of vengeance.
Sometimes people react violently and deaths are being recorded.
This might explain the uprising at Ilesa where locals attacked the IBEDC.
They bring bills that make people mad. In a fit of madness, you can imagine what a mad man can do.
They didn’t supply electricity but yet bring high bills.
In one viral video I saw a frustrated mother brought a huge stone to attack one electricity official.
In another one, one electricity official was stabbed to death. These are very unfortunate incidences.
Instead of studying the trend of violence and a review of methodology, Ikeja Electricity and partners in crime are blaming the victims of their day light robberies.
Imagine. You earn 18k minimum wage and electricity company brings 20k for you to pay. Is that not demonstration of craze and crazy demonstration?
Why are they stepping on our tails for so long? In some flats, they bring bills twice in one month. Can you imagine?
They ask us to source prepaid meters, but they hoard them.
In my office recently, because I have learnt to be economic with consumption, one of the officials came to question me why I was not recharging frequently.
Now, Ikeja Electricity has come up with a new madness.
They supply you prepaid, but with the prepaid installed, they continue to bring bills every months. That was exactly what happened to me.
After nearly 7 months of prepaid meter at home, these shameless robbers continue to bring their bills.
When it accumulated to 120k, they blocked the meter making recharge difficult.
I’m not the only victims Nigerians have more bitter stories to tell. In some instances, they block your meter. When you can’t recharge, you complain, they ask for money
That is the new madness in town. Very soon, primitive accumulation of wealth, extreme greed and corporate terrorism will bring forth the worst out of every Nigerian.
Where there is neither soul, heart or humanity in business, a generation is doomed anď upheavals may follow as we have seen at Ilesa.
Unfortunately, these criminals fail to learn the ABC of history that when the people rise with their last breath, having being pushed to the wall, there will be nothing to stop them.
Well, they are big trees. But they must not forget that the people are the small axes, it takes only a small axe to bring down the IROKO


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