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Former Deputy Governor Speaks On Judgment On Daughter’s Killer


Former Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Alhaji Lasisi Oluboyo, has thumbed up the judgement of the Ondo State High Court which sentenced his daughter’s killer, Seidu Adeyemi, to death by hanging.
The court convicted Adeyemi for killing Khadijat Oluboyo, a final year student of Adekunle Ajasin University in Akungba-Akoko (AAUA).
The police arrested Adeyemi in July 2018 for killing the victim for ritual purposes and burying her in his room for six days.
Oluboyo said, “The judgement highlights the fact that there is judiciary in the country.
“I made a pronouncement that what has happened has happened. I said I did not have interest in the prosecution.
“Despite the fact that I did not participate in the trial, the judiciary still did its job as expected.
“This judgement will serve as deterrent to others.
“You cannot kill somebody and just go away free like that.
“The boy thought he would get away with the murder and that was the reason he did everything to cover his track.
“This will teach our ladies the lesson that whenever they are going out, they should let people know.
“It is because we knew on time the whereabouts of Khadijat that we were able to get her killer.”
Also, he advised parents to be interested in their children’s whereabouts.
According to him, “Parents should monitor their children.
“If not that we monitored the movement of Khadijat, the guy would have got away with the murder.
“Khadijat left school on Thursday, I was able to know that she was not in the school on Friday.
“I sent money to her account and she did not call to thank me as usual.
“That was how I became suspicious.
“The guy knew that we were able to trace Khadijat to him and he became restless after we asked him about the movement of Khadijat.
“He told us that he saw Khadijat but that she had gone to Lagos.
“Khadijat was not a wayward girl, we knew of her relationship with Adeyemi.
“It was because of this that led to his arrest and eventual conviction.
”I appreciate the journalists for the role they played in unravelling they death of Khadijat.”


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