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Fr. Mbaka: When A Prophet Speaks For His Pockets


Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

Today, I’m breaking a rule, a rule I had set for my self of never delving into the matters of men of God, but I will now break that vow because this ‘man of God’ has broken every vow of the things of God and do no longer speak for God but now speaks for the sons of Baals and his pockets.

While growing up in Aba in the early 2000s, I can remember with great vividness of how revered and respected Fr. Ejike Mbaka was, in fact, people then worshiped the sands he marched on and any of his musical albums he released sold like wildfire as though they were sang by angels from heaven. That was how Fr. Mbaka was adored before he started delving into the mucky waters of politics.

I am one of those advocates who are against the calling made by some people admonishing that Pastors and men of God should concentrate only on the things of the pulpits and leave politics for politician; Nwaogwugwu do not agree. In fact, I think our religious brothers and sisters should get more active in politics because if we should sanitize the system, those with the real fear of God will be of great help in achieving the feat.

So I do not support the call that people like Fr. Mbaka or other religious should leave politics for politicians to play. Men of God should rather be encouraged to get actively involved in politics and our political development.

However, what I am against is such acclaimed men of God to use their positions to tell lies against God and bear false witnesses against political opponents in the name of God even when they heard NOTHING from God.

Fr. Mbaka started losing his reverence the very day he made himself available to politicians as a tool of FAKE prophecy lying against the Holy spirit.

While I am not in a position to judge Fr. Mbaka, I am only going to take us on a historical precedence because as a science students, we only deal with facts, records and empirical evidences to arrive at certain conclusions.


Fr. Mbaka vowed that if he be the prophet of God, that Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani will never win his re-election. He prophesized as having heard from God, and vowed that he would derobe. Derobe in the Catholic context is the act of a Reverend Father leaving his vocation as a priest.

Fr. Mbaka vowed to Derobe should Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani won a second term as the governor of Enugu state.


Election held, very free and fair as adjudged, Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani did not only won his second and successfully serve it out, he also went ahead to win his Senatorial constituency and ended up at the senate House.


From what we can deduce: Fr. Mbaka did not hear from the holy spirit, he only heard from his political patronisers who obviously made huge donations to his adoration ministry.

Again, in 2011 in Imo State, my dear state, political opponents of the then governor worshipped at Fr. Mbaka’s adoration ministry and lied to him, and Fr. Mbaka could not even wait to hear from God…. He composed a false #FAKEprophecy that God told him that the then governor beat up a reverend father; Fr. Mbaka was used by political opponents of the incumbent governor and he aligned with the oppressors of the masses and lied.

Fast forward to 2014, in August the 8th, I was right there with H. E Dr. Ikedi Ohakim when he worshiped at Fr. Mbaka’s adoration ministry, Fr. Mbaka made a 360° turn and informed the bewildered worshippers that he lied against Gov. Ikedi Ohakim, that he did not hear well from God. It is on record and everywhere in YouTube.

There and then as Dr. Ohakim patronised his Adoration ministry, Fr. Mbaka, in his usual characteristics did not wait to hear well from God, he told us that Gov. Rochas Okorocha gave the Catholic archbishop diocese of Owerri a ₦50m dud cheque and as such, He will not win his second term election. He went ahead to prophecy that Dr. Ikedi Ohakim will win.

Fact check;

Gov. Rochas Okorocha, just like Gov. Chimaroke Nnamani, did not only win his second term convincingly, Gov. Okorocha also went ahead to win his Senatorial constituency after successfully serving out his second term in office as the executive governor of IMO State and today, serving as a Senator.


Again, Fr. Mbaka gave #FAKEprophecy because he did not hear from God, rather he gave a compensatory prophecy to satisfy his visitors and adoration ministry donors.

In 2019, Senator Hope Uzọdimma visited and worshipped at Fr. Mbaka’s adoration ministry and the heavy spender Senator made huge financial donations, and characteristically, of Fr. Mbaka, he gave him a #FAKEprophecy that he will win the Governor of Imo State.

Elections held; Senator Hope did not only fail the election as he came a distant fourth, also, his party- APC failed to win a single state House out of all the 27 state constituencies.

Now, in the 2020 new year eve, the same Senator also went to Adoration ministry to make more huge financial donations and as an old woman who does not forget the dance steps of his youths as she ages, Fr. Mbaka has also given him another #FAKEprophecy that he will win the court case…. And I know that you are not expecting an Ambrose Nwaogwugwu to tell you how it will end.

There is no single doubt in my mind that if Gov. Ihedioha had made even a passing entry to Adoration ministry, Fr. Mbaka could have had something nice to say about him…. And that brings us to the pertinent questions; why is it that Fr. Mbaka doesn’t give prophecy to those who have not made any donation to his adoration ministry?

But we can not entirely blame Fr. Mbaka – a man who voraciously tries to justify his pockets, he is with conscience though because it will be unkind to have left his donors empty handed without any good prophecy, however improbable.

We should blame ourselves who parts with the money that should have been used to develop our dear state to Fr. Mbaka’s adoration ministry in search of prophecies even when we all know that the man only hears from the soundbites of his pockets.

Why is it that Fr. Mbaka doesn’t prophecy for Ebonyi people? Or even our neighbouring Abia here? Or even Anambra? 

It is simple: because the politicians from these our neighbouring States are not as stupid as our own people who uses the money they could have used to better the lots of their people to buy prophecies. Shame on you all.


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