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Gospel: Material Lust, Vanity Upon Vanity



First lesson: 2nd Corinthians 5: 1-7
Second lesson: Luke 12:13-15
Golden text: Luke 12:16-20

Intro spiritual chorus: K’odudu y’ata Olumba okong akan me mo ror enamde uyom o.
Translation: In might and power, Olumba is far greater than the noise makers.

2nd spiritual chorus: Eyen eron eyekpeme mo eyeda mo aka k’idim mong uwem.
Translation: The Lamb shall protect them and lead them to the living spring.

Dear brethren, I am sure you have read our 3 lessons and head the lyrics of the spiritual choruses? What is your expectation here in the Kingdom of God?

Don’t you behave as you like? Don’t you select those to work with and those not to work with?
How many here work in faith and not by site?

Don’t you say as Father likes it? How do you like it yourself?
Do you present yourself as a living sacrifice to God? Don’t you behave like that young man who went to Our Lord Jesus Christ and demanded that He divide their inheritance between him and his brother?

You want the Father to do everything for you, what have you done for the Father?

Is your priority here not wealth and food? ‘How will I appear. Oh how did I look like’. You became so lustful to mundane things. Will food and material things take you to heaven or give you salvation?

Examine the scriptures carefully where will the flesh take you to? Do you think you will enter heaven with the flesh?

When this house called flesh is destroyed where will you dwell? The bible says the tabernacle of God is with man. So when the flesh dies where will your spirit go to?

Answer me, why is everybody quite? Where will you go to?

You claim to work for the Father God, but inwardly you are working for your own belly. 
Imagine you, a nobody, but the Father pick you from dungeon and put you in an establishment and you run down the place and when you are relived from the post you go about running your mouth saying all kinds of ugly things and in the end you think you will enter heaven.

When the Father put you in a place you don’t even allow another person to come near the place, you become the boss.

Look at even how you disregarded God; you call the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Jesu, Jesus’ disdainfully with insult and you think you are saved. Put yourself in fervent prayer.

You came here with intention for the Father to bless you with worldly pocessions and all the monies in this world, but all these things are vanities.

What God expect from you is to surrender completely to Him and be spotless and blameless from all worldly pocessions and entanglements.

Imagine God have instructed you not to eat fish and meat, but you are still neck deep in relishing non-vegetarian meals and when calamity strikes you begin to cry foul. Check yourself, are you sure you are saved?

Spiritual chorus: Obong dida nyin usung edima ekeme eron.
Translation: Lord come and lead us aright, good Shepherd.

How many here know that God is a good Shepherded? How many have asked Him to lead them aright? You claim you can do everything by yourself.

The bible says every good things comes from God.

Don’t you know that if truly you are His you will not fail to first ask Him to do something for you before you do anything, and He surely will?

In your own case you want to get everything by yourself by force and you are ready to destroy in the process. 
Look at how people destroyed people in the church last week. What is their gain? Do they have conscience? Is it not ignorant that lead them into such gruel act?

Imagine somebody just came and told you something and you just put your head into it wifhout thkiing the consequence.

How many are like that young man in the golden text? All you want is money so that you eat, relax, enjoy and expand your territory and those who don’t have can go to hell.

How many are guilty of this gospel? Are you sure you are guilty? What will you do then?

All you need do henceforth is to handover yourself completely to Him. Let Him plan for you because He is your creator.

He can demand for your life at any time like that young man that God demanded of His life that night.

If God take your life today are you sure you will you go to heaven?

Surrender your life completely to Him. Let Him take over your life and you will be saved, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Concluding spiritual chorus: Come see wetn we dey see, come hear wetin we dey hear, come get wetin we don get, you no go fit get am for anywhere.

Translation: Come and see what we see, come and hear what we hear, come and get what we get, you can’t get it elsewhere.

Dear brethren, a stroke of the cane is enough for the wise. Let those who have ears hear what the Holy Spirit has imparted to the entire world, may God bless His Holy words, Amen.

Thank You Heavenly Father.


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