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Gospel: The Will Of God (Part 2)



First lesson: Matthew 13:13-14
Second lesson: Revelation 21:1-5
Golden text: Hebrews 8:10-13

Brethren today we are starting from where we stopped yesterday.

Rembert the young man in the story who was told by the Prophet that he would be very rich and it came to pass as the Prophet revealed, but when the riches got to 5 canoes a friend came and advised him to look for means of protection, same as you people use to do.

The young man obliged and went neck deep into necromancer and acquired charms, but rather than progressing he was retrogressing, but as faith would have it an angel of God went and told him young man remember the source of your wealth and he repented, fasted, prayed, embarked on ministry work and celebrated feast and God forgave him, returned back his wealth, fulfilled His divine Will on him and blessed him with 7 canoes filled with wealth. 
Who do you think caused the calamity? It was God. He is responsible to all that is happening in our life.

When bad thing happened to you don’t you blame witches and Satan of being responsible of your misfortune?

God is responsible to everything that happens and whatever was written about you must come to fruition.

When Our Lord Jesus Christ was born it was written by the Prophets that 3 wise men would visit Him. Originally they were 4 wise men, but because it was written about 3 wise men to visit Him that was why something had to happened along the way to the 4th wise man to stopped him from meeting the other 3.

As he was moving to a place where 4 of them suppose to meet he spotted a man who was beaten to coma and he stood and help him until the other 3 wise men left.

The question now is, if it were 4 wise men that visited the infant Jesus will it fulfill what was written by the prophets about Him?

You can now see that God is the cause and effect of everything. Everything happen according to His divine Will.

If He doesn’t sanction anything nothing can happen.

Look at you, just because your friend drives a car and you went and borrowed a car and drive. Is it the will of God for you to drive car? If you go against God’s will God must surely deal with you.

You like imitation. Why don’t you allow the will of God to fulfill in your life?

If God doesn’t want you to get something you just can’t get it. He gives everything at His own free Will.

God want you to look unto Him alone for everything. If you obey Him and put His words into practice He will abide in you and you in Him.

You who always lament so that people will feel sorry for you, do you know if it was the will of God for you to get that thing you lost?

All those that use to say that Europeans or the whites are more advanced, are they not experiencing the same problems that the blacks are facing today?

Watch and see what is going to happen. Everything happen according to the will of God.

Look at Adam, God instructed them not to eat the forbidden fruit but they dare God and ate it and became naked.

Don’t dare God on what is not His will for you because you will suffer in the end.

It is His will that we are now in a new world. As it was written, the tabernacle of God is now dwelling with man not with the animals.

God is now physically abiding with His people. If you still tell lies and commit sin you are still in the old world and what has happened to the people of the old world will happen to you.

He said in the golden text that He will no longer remember our sins, that He will be our Father and we His children. Do you know the implication of that?

It means that you must abide in Him alone and concentrate and put His words into practice and He will also abide in you and be your sole sustainer and provider. 
I guarantee you, as long as you abide in Him and make Him your sole sustainer and provider you will never have any problem again, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

This is time for you to be spotless and blameless. When you do that He will give you his Holy Spirit, care for you and protect you.

He is now standing at your door so let Him in.
Henceforth don’t give thanks to anything but to Him alone, don’t attribute anything to anything or anybody, but to Him alone for He is all and in all.

A stroke of the cane is enough for the wise. Let those who have ears hear. May God bless His Holy words, Amen.

Thank You Almighty Father.


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