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Governor Hope Uzodimma And His Multitudinous Lies On National Television


By Aic Akwarandu

Anyone who watched last night’s Channel TV program, Hardcopy, would agree that the embattled Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, is a seasoned liar. You have to give him credit for that.

But what is surprising is how Governor Uzodimma is more interested in misleading the populace through sponsored media outings, than facing the real issues of Governance at home. 

In Imo today, commissioned roads are damaged within 8 days. The entire workforce is complaining of either non payment of salaries or inconsistent payment and deductions. Pensioners are lavishing in tears, protesting on daily basis. 

The state of roads are becoming unbearable for Ndi Imo. Contractors who started work during the #RebuildImo Administration have all left their various sites due to lack of mobilization, perceived negligence, and lack of ideas by the present administration.

When asked about the issue of salaries and pension, Governor said that they have made 90% progress in their automation, and that it only remained 12 to 13% to be completed.

If you minus 90 from 100%, will it remain 12 to 13? Such is the confused state of our Governor.

Governor Uzodimma also mentioned that he is now able to save about 1billion Naira monthly from salaries and pensions.

How did the figure go down from the 2Billion naira monthly that he was screaming he saved earlier in this ill-fated administration. Where has all those money gone?

I couldn’t help my surprise when the Governor said in the course of the interview that the people of Imo State are excited and in high spirits. It only takes a look at the comments on the video to see how his lies where blown open in real time by angry and dissatisfied Imolites.

The entire state is like a vehicle without a driver. Rooted at a particular spot.

The Governor can go to CNN, BBC and NBC, Imolites and Nigerians are very much aware of what is happening at home.

Imo shall rise again.


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