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Governor Rochas, Uche Nwosu And Me – By Linus Okorie


I woke yesterday to the rumours going round on social media that I’m being sponsored by Governor Rochas Okorocha on the issue of candidature for the elective position of the Executive Governor of our darling Imo State.

In my thinking, I think that this is regarding my relationship with Honourable Uche Nwosu, who by the way was my Director of Transport when I was the President of the Student Union Government, Imo State University.

For the records, based on the tenure of our student leadership, our friendship has remained and by ideal standards, shouldn’t be muddied because of political ambitions or anything of that matter.

Being an ideological mind, I’m mature to know that relationships shouldn’t be cracked because of aspirations. I stand by such convictions.

I wouldn’t have bothered to respond to those rumours, but for the sake of those who don’t know me intimately. My soleintention is to reassure them.

My antecedents precede me nobly. I’ve always been one to pursue a goal by myself, basing my convictions on excellent principles of leadership, especially when it has to do with seeking positions to exercise leadership.

In seeking such positions, my intention has always been to make a difference.

Starting from Government Secondary School, Owerri, where I became the Senior Prefect to Imo State University, Owerri, where I became the first elected President of the Student Union Government, that “making a difference” mantra has guided me and produced enviable and evident results.

In all modesty, I’m accomplished in my own rights. For the past 24 years, my infectious dream has been to raise, transform, motivate and inspire leaders to their optimum performance, building a globally recognised organisation called Guardians of the Nation International as a vehicle for such laudable venture.

I’ve been recognised globally, especially by the United States of America for my works. I’ve bagged a Masters’ degree in Organisational Leadership and two honorary doctorate degrees, as well as training hundreds of thousands of people across Nigeria.

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria empowers me to seek for political office.

Based on the above antecedents and my consistency over the past 24 years, changing like a chameleon is not part of my formative character and will never be.

As an inspirational role model for many, pursuing a deceptive path is tantamount to spiritual death, consequently tarnishing the edifice of noble accomplishments I’ve laboured to build over the years. For any sound mind, that’s a path to be jettisoned with all viciousness.

I want to let you know that my personal intention and notification that I’m seeking for the elective position of the Governor of Imo State has ruffled a few feathers and stirred some silent waters, especially those who know in their hearts that having seen someone whose worldview is profoundly aligned with social development, investment in people, political transformation, and whose character is integrity-based, a new narrative is about to be weaved.

Those whose silent waters of “as it has been in the beginning, so shall it be” type of poor governance have been stirred know that the one whose soul yearns for a bright Imo, providing quality leadership that will end a historic run of bad leadership has arisen.

Having found nothing against me, they’ve decided to build a monument of falsehood through peddling a grievous propaganda. This is most regrettable.

I, Linus Okorie, by myself have decided, after consultation with family and friends, to run for the position of the Executive Governor of Imo State to model a world class Imo filled with endless possibilities.

My vision is to build a world class Imo with endless possibilities.

My mission is to model a world class Imo with endless possibilities through massive human capital development, attraction of global and local resources and unleashing of excellence in governance leading to a productive and robust thriving economy.

My model is to present a template that is premised on global leadership standards, transforming our darling state into one that all and sundry will be proud to say that poverty, backwardness in a lighted world, and cycles of idiocy become words that aren’t pronounced on anyone’s lips.

Nothing can stop me!

No amount of lies can stop me!

My aspiration is a movement. Ideologies aren’t murdered easily. They live in the hearts and minds of people and that’s what this aspiration stands for.

This vision and mission have been written. Now, we are writing it solidly in the hearts of Imolites so that it guides their actions as we move into the future.

Let’s build together.

Our Imo!

Imo Nke Anyi !!


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