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Greedy Politicians, Looters Shall no Longer Hold Sway in Nigeria – Leader Olumba


Akpan Etukudoh Asare

The King of kings and Lord of Lords of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has maintained that looters and corrupt politicians can no longer dominate the Nigeria’s presidency any further.

Speaking at his organisation’s headquarters in Calabar, the spiritual leader reiiterated  that time has past when Nigeria’s presidency was for the highest bidder, the well connected and corrupt leaders.

Leader Obu said the upcoming elections will spring surprises and that only men that have the fear of God, who will not drain the nations treasury and will treat the citizens fairly will be favoured by God at the elections.

The spiritual leader was speaking when he ordained more Archbishops in Calabar, stressing that God is now more interested in who emerges new leaders, adding that Nigeria is God’s beloved country.

“As Nigeria gets set for another elections, God, too, is interested in who emerges new leaders. Nigeria will no longer be in the hands of greedy politicians and looters. God has already picked men who know Him, who love and fear God; men that will not plunder the nation’s resources.  Nigeria is God’s own country.

“Anybody who Is a member of secret society or cult groups will not rule Nigeria.  Only a godly person must rule Nigeria, not those who open their mouths to eat and loot money.”   , Obu said.

“This is now the era of God Almighty and as such only His Divine Will alone must prevail in the entire world. Gone is that era when evil men held sway.

“Currently people are scampering for political posts in Nigeria, but do they have love for the masses? What plan do they have for God when they become a president or governor?

“You will see what will happen this time around to those that collect money for political interest.  They will have terrible problems if they dare try it.

“Nigeria is God’s own country and this time around the rightful person to rule Nigeria is the person that loves God and no more a member of secret society. Already, all powers from secret societies and philosophical organisations have been withdrawn. They are now powerless. Therefore, those coming to become president and governors must come to the race with clean hands otherwise they will not rule.

He cautioned against electoral violence, saying Nigeria is a blessed nation and that she will witness peace and her unity strengthened.

The respected religious leader also warned against stealing and wastage of national resources, saying public funds belong to God.


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