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Group Calls On DA Of UCTH To Proceed On Retirement To Avert Chaos


Akpan Etukudoh Asare

A group at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital (UCTH), Concerned Staff of UCTH (CSOUCT) has called on Professor Archibong Edem Archibong, the hospital’s director of Administration to proceed on his pre-retirement leave immediately as specified by the hospital rules otherwise he would have created room for chaos or breakdown of law and order in the hospital.

The group told journalists that there will be public disorder at the tertiary hospital over his plots to perpetuate himself in office.

They accused Archibong of highhandedness and surreptitiously transferring the Director of Human resources who is next in line to succeed him to a remote community so that the former can be invisible.

Speaking to journalists over the allegations, Professor Archibong denied attempting to perpetuate himself and wondered if it was not normal to reshuffle and transfer workers to different branches of an organisation.

He described the allegations as spurious, baseless and unfounded as he has not broken the hospital’s rules and regulations.

Archibong stressed that he will not condescend to remaining a day after his retirement neither would he accept appointment as a consultant which condition stipulates that he would be a step lower than his juniors“.

“Whatever they are saying is baseless and unfounded because I have not done anything contrary to the law. I have no intentions of staying a day longer as the Director of Administration. I cannot condescend so low to staying a day longer or coming back to the system as a contract staff.

“I am a lawyer and a Professor and I have a lot to contribute the society and Nigeria at large, but I can tell you that I will exit the day I retire. I have not done anything wrong.

“It is just a simple redeployment which is part of my duty to post people from unit to unit and department to department. I did nothing in bad faith, I am only carry out my duty as the Director of Administration,” he said.

However, the group claimed that Archibong is due to retire by September 10 this year and ought to have proceeded on terminal leave on June 10 but has been busy manipulating official records to perpetuate himself in office, or bring up his crony, one Mr. Bassey Akpan.

They alleged that Archibong and Akpan usually connived to pilfer diesel and other lubricants, saying he plans to continue to harbor and protect his cronies with fake certificates.

They called on the authorities to wade into the matter without further delay to avoid public disorder, chaos and enmity among members of staff in the system.

Part of CSOUCT allegation reads: “Prof. Archibong is disgruntled because he felt underutilized within the last few years and wants to punish the Director of Human Resources because he was more effective and efficient in terms of quality service delivery”.


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