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How Amechi/Adeosun Proposed “Single Window” Would Have Ripped Nigeria Of Billions Of Dollars


The trade proposal tagged “National Trade Platform” conceptualized by the Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun and the Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amechi would have been nothing but a scheme laden with deceit, manipulation and selfish outing that would have cost Nigerians billions of Naira.

These monies would have been perennially plunged into private pockets of ‘selected’ proxies who would have served in the board of the private limited liability company that would have been used as a conduit to siphoning billions of naira accruable to the Federal Government.

According to the scheme, as conceptualised by the Minister of Finance in partnership with the Minister of Transport, a Limited Liability Company to be named NTP Limited would be floated.  The company would be funded from revenue accruing to the government and co-owned by the company and National Sovereign Investment Authority, among other proxy partners.

A secret source who availed us the proposal dated 26 January 2018 with ref No. EC{2018}28 addressed to the Federal Executive Council with the subject APPROVAL FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NATIONAL TRADE PLATFORM {Memorandum by the Minister of Finance}, the concept was said to be the brainchild of Rotimi Amechi and Kemi Adeosun. The involvement of the Managing Director of NPA and project development team comprising the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority were devised to give it a national clout.

Proposed Single Window 1
Proposed Single Window 2
Proposed Single Window 3
Proposed Single Window 4


Proposed Single Window 5
Proposed Single Window 6


Proposed Single Window 7


Proposed Single Window 8
Letter from the office of the Honourable Minister of Transportation


Another interesting development as revealed by our source who craves anonymity is the allegation that since the scheme would stir agitations among some stakeholders, it was proposed to be going to be routed through the back door for approval in the Federal House of Assembly and Senate.  Towards this, according to the source, few Honourable members and Senators have been approached and participatory offers made them if they could aid legalize the framework that would bring the operations of the scheme to fruition.

The source claimed that the scheme on its facial outlook look convincing and legal, but the intent behind setting up the scheme is selfish, unpatriotic, and laden with the deception that would see billions of Naira rooted out of the government coffers into the private pockets of the shareholders and promoters of the scheme.

It would be recalled that the said scheme has been suspended by the Federal Government when according to our source, the government found out that the hatched plan has been somehow leaked to the public and could stir series of resistance from different labour organizations and other CSOs.

The source said that Minister of Health Prof. Isaac Adewole Immediately advised the Minister of Finance and Transport to jettison the idea and withdraw deliberation on the issue from Federal Executive Council Meeting, citing that the proposal has been linked out and would deal a blow of mistrust between the government and Nigerians, especially stakeholders in clearing and forwarding businesses, staff and officers of Nigeria customs service who believe that the scheme could result in mass-sack of officers, especially those in both land and sea borders as well as traders and importers who may be heavily exploited as a result of the scheme.



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