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How Okorocha Sold Equipment Meant For Imo Library


~ Library Operated Without Electricity

By Ekene Bob-Ekechukwu Esq

There seems to be no end to revelations of how Imo State may have been thoroughly looted by the immediate past administration of Rochas Okorocha. This comes with another shocking report of how costly equipments such as a high quality printing and binding machine, meant for the new Imo Library, was dismantled and sold off under the watch of ex-Gov Okorocha. This disclosure was made by the Director of the Imo State Library Board Mrs. A Akanaga, when the Commissioner for Education, Prof. (Noble Lady) Viola Adaku Onwuliri, visited the Library for inspection recently.

The Director, while conducting the Commissioner round the facility, also disclosed that the Computer Unit which has about 100 sets of computers had neither seats nor internet connectivity. In addition she informed Prof Onwuliri that the main Library was disconnected from the national grid due to non payment of electricity bills by the immediate past administration.

Stressing that the Board could not even afford to fuel the generator set due to lack of imprest, thereby leaving the facility in total darkness. She wondered how the past administration expected visitors to make effective use of the facility without electricity. Mrs Akanaga however pointed out that only the Administrative block is connected to the national grid.

She also stated that the Library building had major structural defects such as the roof which leaked whenever it rained and requested for government’s urgent intervention. Speaking further, the Director pleaded for the upgrade of the existing 10 branches of the Library and the return of the facility back to its original location. Adding that since it’s relocation by the past administration, the Library had no patronage from the reading public.

Earlier, the Commissioner for Education, had inspected the Computer Unit, Lending Section, Adult Library Section, Children’s Library Section, Library for the Handicap, Printing and Binding Section, Nigeriana Section, Technical Services and the Conference hall. During the inspection, she had also observed that the Library had ceased to serve the purpose for which it was established, since its relocation to the new place, and wondered how a library could operate without electricity.

Prof Onwuliri sought to know from the Management if their challenges were articulated and captured in the current year’s budget. Consequently, she directed the Director to articulate the pressing needs of the Library and forward to her office for further necessary action. She also stressesd the need to create an lgbo language section in the Library to promote lgbo language and culture.

The depth of the damage done to Imo State by the immediate past Rochas Okorocha administration appears to be like an abyss, judging by the daily revelations of how the State was misruled and pillaged during that regime. Barely few days ago the Chaplain General of the International Prison Chaplaincy of Nigeria (IPCAN), Rev (Dr.) Prince Gill Ogbonna, had during a courtesy call at the Ministry of Education, revealed how ex-Gov Okorocha had made futile efforts to sell the premises of Owerri Prisons.

All these goes to show that the immediate past administration may have stolen the State dry. Little wonder it was reported that even spoons, knives, plates and cups were even removed by the former Governor, while leaving the Government House. In the light of these revelations, it is now incumbent on Imolites to give praise to God for not allowing ex-Gov Okorocha to have a third term by frustrating his plan to foist his son-in-law Uche Nwosu as his successor. It would have been disastrous and probably the end of the State had he succeeded. That is why every right thinking Imolite should join hands with the Rebuild Imo Government to salvage what is left of our patrimony.


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