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I Am A Hard Rock, I Am Unbroken, I Broke No Law, My Status Legal – Bobrisky


Hours after police invaded the venue of his planned birthday bash in Lagos, and chased away guests, a defiant Idris Okuneye, alias Bobrisky boasted on Saturday that he would not be moved by such acts, because he broke no known law in the land by living like a woman.

The controversial cross-dresser on the same day, launched a verbal attack on the Nigerian police, for preferring to divert their attention to mundane issues that solved no problems rather than facing their major duties of maintaining law and order and preventing high crimes.

Describing himself as harder than a rock, he said the police action was akin to the axiomatic man who decided to chase rats, in his burning house, adding that there were surfeits of crimes, including child rape and kidnapping besetting the country.

Taking to SnapChat, Bobrisky apologised to his guests, who travelled from different places, including outside Lagos to be with him on the special occasion of his 28thbirthday, which he had planned to celebrate with a bang, wondering what the police tried to prove by deploying 100 of its personnel at tax payers’ money to disperse a mere birthday party.

He wrote: “I live in a “country” where the “police” let men who rape 2 year olds pay four figures and walk out the same day, but Bobrisky (a trans woman who legally isn’t even breaking any laws) gets ambushed and arrested on her birthday. That’s my reality. What’s yours?

“Why do we love to chase rats when a building is burning? How exactly does Bobrisky‘s birthday party affect the security of the state that one hundred police officers were deployed to shut it down. One hundred! Waste of taxpayers money in my opinion. Focus on real issues


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