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Imo Government’s Deceit and Insincerity Over Salary and Pension Payment



Daniels Duru

Yesterday, Monday 6th April, 2019, I made an investigative post on my Facebook wall, after listening to the Imo state commissioner of information, Hon Declan Emelumba on Heartland Fm “issues of the moment”, who said all Imo workers have been paid.

Exactly the same thing he said last week Friday in one of the radio stations, which prompted me to embark this time on an open investigation, having investigated last week, and found his claims to be false.

To cut the matter short and simple, my findings reveal that majority of the Imo agencies and parastatals have not been paid.

Some of them have not being paid February salary talkless of March.

Coincidentally again this morning, the issue was brought to the front burner by Ozisa 96.1 Fm who hosted the same commissioner of Information, Hon Declan Emelumba.

Many thanks to Ozisa 96.1 Fm; many thanks to Chinonso Uba who discussed the issue on his Igbo program this morning, many thanks to Ogechi Iwu who anchored the program that hosted the commissioner.

All of you made it possible this morning for Imolites, including myself to air our views and tell the commissioner the hard truth.

In my own submission, I told the honorable commissioner “to ensure workers have really received their salaries before coming to air to announce workers have been paid, more so, payment of salaries should not on any account be delayed at this critical period of Covid 19 pandemic lockdown, as it should be among the first palliatives”

You can now agree with me that what this government is doing amounts to deceit, similar to those of the Okorocha era.

And i tell you, Imo people will say no and stand against taking them back to Egypt (the era of Rochas Okorocha).

For those who think we are talking for talking sake, or trying to attack the state government unnecessarily, you better have a rethink because it’s all about Imo our state.

Like I keep saying, a better Imo is all we are asking for!

On the issue of pension payment, the commissioner worrisomely said that the state government is working on it.

And I want ask, working on what?

When Ihedioha streamlined the pension payment issues and also started paying the pensioners on monthly basis.

Let this people not tell us that our senior citizens will be subjected to another round of pension verification exercise.

Let this administration not take Imo people for granted.

Imo State belongs to all of us!

To all the Imo workers who are yet to be paid, let’s give the government the whole of this week, after which you will resume our truthful outburst, exposing loudly their insincerity.

Again, I repeat! This administration should not take Imo people for granted.

Let her govern with sincerity and transparency!

A better Imo remains our utmost concern!

Daniels Duru is a concerned Imo citizen, passionate for good governance.


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