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Imo North Senatorial Bye Election: It’s Illegal To Declare APC Winner – Dogo


Isuwa Dogo, National Publicity Secretary of Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has said that it is illegal for the Independent National  Electoral  Commission (INEC) to have declared the All Progressives  Congress (APC), a party that doesn’t have a candidate, as winner in the last Saturday’s Imo North Senatorial Byelection.

He said that a party which failed to field a candidate or had two candidates laying claim to the contested position was as good as not having a candidate and what the law says according to him, is that the party with the highest number of votes  which fielded a candidate should be declared the winner.

Dogo said, “If there is no candidate for a party and an election is conducted, is it possible for the party to win the election if it didn’t have a candidate? If a part did not field any candidate, then there is no election for that particular party and the party that has the highest number of votes should be declared winner.

Does the constitution say INEC should declare a winner, then it will bring a candidate afterwards? If there are two candidates, then it is as good as no candidate.”

The MBF National Publicity Secretary, maintained that if the Peoples Democratic  Party (PDP) garnered the highest number of votes, then it should be declared winner since APC had failed to field a candidate.

He stressed that any vote for any party that didn’t field a candidate should be void. “I don’t think that INEC should do anything that will bring problem.

“The truth remains that APC has no candidate and since APC does not have a candidate, then the candudate with the highest votes that has a candidate should be declared a winner because it has met the constitutional  requirement.

Two people cannot be declared winner, I think it is common sense.”  Dogo said.

Credit: Daily Independent


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