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Is Vitamin D the Game Changer for Covid Management?


By Chris Aniebode

It took nearly two months after I recommended vitamin D as the game changer for Covid before some researchers in Ireland published on it and the world went crazy. Today, you can’t find vitamin D in American pharmacies. All sold out. It is time they start listening to African scientists.

You can search my wall on all I wrote about vitamin D. I said at that time to ignore Covid apocalypse in Nigeria because it won’t happen. While calling for heightened hygiene, I called the policy of keeping human beings, particularly black people, away from extended exposure to sunlight a terrible policy. 

The point is that my call for vitamin D to be included in any Covid protocol was based on science, grounded in common sense. 

Till today, vitamin D remains under appreciated in the medical community because the evidence based paradigm which the West prefers often times throws commonsense out of the window. 

There is no greater scientist than God and commonsense backed by healthy respect for nature answers all questions. That is why what I can proclaim sitting down, will take the best scientists in the world many steps up the mountain top to see. The secret is that my science has God and commonsense in it. 

Now, let’s raise the bar a little bit. 

How long will life last without oxygen? Maybe 2 minutes. What did God do? Gave oxygen abundantly because it is that important. 

Same thing with water. 

Without water and oxygen, given to us freely by God, we would all be dead. 

Hold that thought. 

If God gives it freely and in abundance, you do not need to win the Nobel prize in medicine to know how important it has to be for life. 

Of all the vitamins, which one does nature give you in abundance, totally free of charge because God desires for you to have it and have it abundantly for your health?

The answer is vitamin D. It is made readily by the skin upon exposure to sunlight. 

You see how commonsense simply answers the question that vitamin D is by far the most important vitamin for the human body and that is why God gave it freely. 

I tell you, science without God is just a waste of time. 

What does Vitamin D do for the body? Everything. You guessed right. Everything. Just like water and oxygen, vitamin D is essential in all physiological processes. 

To confirm this, Vitamin D receptor has been found in nearly all cells. As a hormone, you would expect vitamin D receptors to be up regulated in only target cells. Instead, we are finding vitamin D receptors in nearly all cell types. That is a hint that it is vitally important in all physiological processes.

So what does it do for the body again? Everything. We would have to delve into cell membrane biophysics to begin to appreciate this super vitamin/ hormone. 

Think of it as the logistics master of the body. It is a cell membrane effector and directs signalling and cytokinesis in virtually all physiological functions. Immune system being logistically intense, you can imagine how poorly it would perform without adequate Vitamin D. 

That is why Covid death rate is lowest in areas where people have plenty of sunlight or consume plenty of vitamin D. 

Now you know why a lot of blacks in America are dying disproportionately from Covid. Vitamin D deficiency. 

Now if you are a Nigerian or African and you are putting suit and tie under the bright sun, it is hard to imagine a more unhealthy practice. 

Your ancestors were ill clad, soaked up tons of sunlight, enjoyed plenty of free natural vitamin D and had strong immunity. 

Today itiakwu Africans want to put on suit and ties and wait for vaccines made by Big Pharma. 

By the way, did you know that Vitamin D is a potent hypoglycemic agent? Do you know one of the reasons why nearly every big 

man or woman in Nigeria has diabetes? You guessed it. Inadequate exposure to sunlight. Will discuss that someday.

Lets shift a little bit to nutrition and toxicology. Excessive intake of active Vitamin D can be toxic to the kidney. Again, follow God. Most vitamin D made by the skin upon exposure to sunlight stays under the skin in inactive form because it is fat soluble. The liver and kidney then talk to each other and decide how much to activate.

When you pop supplements anyhow, you bypass this natural regulatory mechanism but it is better to drink supplements than be deficient. 

But if you understood everything I said, then head out in the sun with your face mask and your arms and legs exposed and soak up sunlight. God is the greatest scientist and there is a reason why he gave it free. I just told you.


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