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It’s Udom Come Rain Come Shine


Micheal Joseph Okon- Uruan.

When a people love their King it shows in their willing sacrifices, when a people are convinced by their convictions, it shows in their commitment to a grand course. What was witnessed few days ago in Onna even under the heavy rain should send signals to Warsaw, a message that the people are ready to give Warsaw the war of his life time.

It’s uncommon, it’s unprecedented, it’s humbling the show of comradeship and empathy towards good governance. Akwa Ibom people in Onna on Monday made a statement that *COME RAIN, COME SHINE* they will stand with Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel. The people cannot forget in a hurry the peaceful ambience created by Mr Udom Emmanuel since he became Governor, except in Warsaw’s district were his seeds germinates often(Ukanafun/ Etim Ekpo case study).

How about the various industries, the projects and the timely salaries. Or would the people have forgotten that there was no industry established by the Warsaws when they were in power before now.

It’s the people versus the masterminds of Warsaw. Like several pundits have questioned, how many of these myriad of suppprters will Warsaw be able to slaughter? Will Warsaw and his foot soldiers be able to destroy a people just for political powers? Great wars have often been won by the people against the most sophisticated weaponry because where the passion is right anything is possible.

The child in the womb kicks and wishes to be born just to witness the pulse in real time of Akwa Ibom people for a Governor so dear to their heart, the death martyred for political reasons in the past wish they could put on immortality and cast their votes to justify their innocent souls, the gods have risen to save the day and peoples blood are hot ready to proof mortals wrong for there is a God who rules in the affairs of men.

Defying the heavy downpour to massively support their own has enforced the elements, come 2019 the Sun shall not set and the moon shall stand still till Warsaw and the Warsawites are defeated for this state to remain in perpetual peace.



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