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Joining Buhari In APC Not In My Agenda – Ihedioha


Former Deputy Speaker of Federal House of Representatives, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha has condemned media report linking him with moves to joining President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

A tabloid in Owerri had raised the dust when it quoted Ihedioha of threatening to quit the PDP if the party loses IMO governorship in 2019

He was also quoted of boasting that he will never taste poverty again in life because he has acquired enough wealth his family will need in life.

But the former deputy speaker described the report as “baseless,laughable and devoid of any iota of truth” He denied uttering such statements, pointing out that “it is too early for blackmailers to open shop. Time for these outdated political has not reached yet”.

According to him, it will be absurd for him to indulge in reckless utterances considering his humble background. “Everybody knows me too well. I chew my words well. I am not a garrulous politician who talks before he thinks”he said.

He noted that part of the statements credited to him was unfortunate and misleading.”Journalism is a noble profession which demands objectivity and cross checking of facts before publication. Only God knows where the story emanated from but I am certain it is so cheap to dichotomy within our great party and can’t fool IMO people again, Ihedioha stated.


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