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Letter to Rochas Okorocha by Wale Fakile


Never have I seen a politician insult the collective sensibilities of Nigerians in such a short duration as much as Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has done of late.

I thought celebrating his birthday with events broadcast live on several TV stations for more than two weeks whilst floods ruined livelihoods and wreaked havoc in parts of his state was the epitome of brazen irresponsibility.

But no, like the proverbial gift that keeps giving, he had to outdo himself and he chose one of the crassest, most clueless and corrupt politicians to walk the face of the earth as his poster boy and cohort in his latest showing of ‘tone deafness.’

Unveiling Jacob Zuma’s statue in Owerri is not only an insult to residents of Imo State and Nigerians, it’s  tantamount to taking a piss on the graves and memories of every Nigerian who has been brutally murdered by xenophobes and security agencies in South Africa.

Mr Okorocha, sir, another Nigerian, a Nigerian like you, was slaughtered in South Africa just last week and you chose thesame period to bring the leader of the country to Nigeria to unveil an effigy in his name?

The same Jacob who has run South Africa’s economy aground thereby pushing up the rate of unemployment and in-turn crime, a vice many Nigerians and immigrants of African extraction have had to pay for with their blood in that country?

Gosh, words fail me!

Who are Okorocha’s handlers and advisers? What do they tell him?A governor who deems it politically correct to owe civil servants for months but dole out millions to celebrate his birthday? How do you get yourself to sleep at night? Mr Governor?

You used to be a populist but you’ve lost every ounce of political capital you had left and you’ll be a huge burden on those who choose to work with you forthwith.

I just hope the people of Imo State get someone logical and sensitive, whose first port of call will be to pull down this N520bn scourge you erected on Nigeria’s soil when you leave!


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