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Look At What They Do To Ndigbo



By Ori Martins 

About 48 hours ago, I read on the cover of the NATION newspaper, a captivating but grossly misguiding news item to wit: How I Blew N38b Security Vote – T. A. Orji. It was a banner  headline but that was not the former governor of Abia State put it. 

Actually, the embattled governor who is being investigated by EFCC, gave account of what he got as security vote and how he spent it during his eight year reign. However, imagine how the NATION newspaper published by former governor of Lagos State decided to pull through on it cover. Would the editors of the newspaper apply the same hammer headline if it was erstwhile governor of Lagos, Raji Babatunde Fashola that was the subject matter? I say this because, if an Orji of Abia blew N38b, you could imagine how a Fashola of Lagos would have blown in the same number of years! 

You see, this is not the first time the oligarchs and their compatriots are mischievously throwing jabs at the Igbo. The Tribune newspaper, if you still remember, purposely misquoted Dr. Chuba Okadigbo and bent his poetic and witty rhythm, humorously directed at Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe to be interpreted as an insult. Okadigbo had said: If Zik would put his ears to the ground, he would hear the songs of the earth ants. The next day, Tribune went to town and published: Zik’s boast is ranting of the ants – Okadigbo. 

Even in this dispensation, they have always sought to bring our people down. For instance, in several instances, the News and TELL magazines tried in vain to bring down Ojukwu, Alex Ekwueme, Arthur Nzeribe and even Soludo  in view of their personal views on national issues. You can see what they did to both Orji Kalu and Ikedi Ohakim. And now T. A. Orji. 

I must state it clear that any Nigerian who embezzles public finds must be made to face the music. My grouse here is: this newspaper never write against Alhaji Rauf Aregbesola when he owned workers more than two years salaries. The newspaper did not condemn Governor Ganduje when he was caught in camera bidding dollars that were allegedly given to him as bribe. The newspaper now making Orji a laughing stock campaigned for Governor Bello when he could not pay civil servants leading to the death of pensioners who had to commit suicides in the face of depression and frustration! You


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