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Mbaka’ and Wicked Plot Against Ihedioha


By Austin Uganwa (PhD)

Fr Ejike Mbaka of Adoration Ministry Enugu has for the umpteenth time shown the extent to which he can be a willing tool in the hands of the hawks and wolves in the ruling All Progressives Congress 

Only a few days ago the apparently frenzied self -styled man of God revealed their fresh devilish plot against Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha . He brazenly  told the BBC Igbo Service that “Ihedioha will go to Jail”.

Understanding that Mbaka is the mouth piece  of a highly orchestrated and  connected ring afraid and against  the growing political stature, influence and accomplishments of Ihedioha it is important that this threat is not treated with kids gloves and  the vast majority of Nigerians and the global community  informed of the fresh line of battle against Ihedioha

More so, this was the same pattern the criminal and fraudulent subversion of the mandate collectively bequeathed to Ihedioha by Imolites was scripted and hatched using the Supreme Court 

It is also curious that  threat was manifestly thrown up the moment Ihedioha returned to the Supreme Court to seek for a review of the bundled and bizarre judgement. This is because of their recognition that Ihedioha has an unassailable good case capable of impelling the apex court to reinstate him as Governor , necessitating the fresh plot of roping him with phantom scenarios  as implied in  Mbaka’s outbursts

The compelling question Mbaka must answer include; between Ihedioha and himself who should be the right jall candidate? 

Not a few Nigerians believe that Mbaka is the right person to be in jail given his central role in the day light robbery of Ihedioha’s mandate. Besides, the  perceived con manner he runs his Ministry given the intensified way he targets and hoodwinks candidates of various political parties for  exttortonist tendency is  also instructive. His encounter with Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State and  PDP Vice Presidential candidate during the 2019 election and several politicians including  Governor Ganduje of Kano State at his Adoration Ministry December, 2019 lends credence to this.

Perhaps, Mbaka wants Ihedioha to go to jail for bringing joy and happiness to Imo  pensioners he commenced monthly payment of their entitlements as Governor after six years of non-payment. Or because of workers he increased their salary from 70 percent Rochas Okorocha paid them to 100 percent within three months of his government

Mbaka should let the world know whether Ihedioha’s crime is the 25 roads projects he commenced rehabilitation and reconstruction simultaneously in the state within seven months towards grappling with the infrastructural development ruins of the state.  Or is it the transparency, accountability and due process he enthroned in the state through the introduction of Treasury Single Account and revitalization of  

 Procurement and Intelligence Agency. Mbaka should be told in unmistakable fashion that under Ihedioha a painstaking corruption  survey carried out by the National Bureau of Statistics and relevant international development agencies among the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory in the last half  of 2019 showed Imo as the least corrupt state in the country.

Besides, Mbaka must be informed that Ihedioha”s recourse to accountability , transparency and integrity was instrumental in scaling up the Internally Generated Revenue from N250m to N 1.2b monthly before the Supreme Court struck. 

It is on record and incontrovertible that Ihedioha has an excellent track record of character, integrity and honesty which have never been questioned or challenged. Can Mbaka in all honesty say the same thing about his co-travelers? Certainly no!

Evidently, Mbaka’s comments, actions and outbursts make many tend to liken him to  old testament Saul when the spirit of God departed from him at the twilight of Israel kingship in its place was evil spirit that tormented him to behave like a lunatic. It is therefore imperative for Mbaka and his cohorts to  understand that any attempt to frame up Ihedioha who is using legal push to reclaim his robbed mandate will have both national and   global backlashes.

Dr Austin Uganwa wrote from Owerri


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