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Mbaka: Exceeding the Limits of Ecclesiastical License


By: Ray Emeana 

It is no longer news that father Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministries, Enugu is as controversial  as his prophecies and intentions appear suspect. While his adoration devotees believe him hook line and stinker, not a few distrust him and his prophecies. Most Christian faithfuls see him as a pretender and one of the many men of God feeding fat on gullible Nigerians who are forced to have a recourse to the church because of the hash economic situation in the country. Others, out rightly, see him as a false and dubious prophet. 

However, by orientation, doctrine and teachings of the church, Catholics in particular have implicit confidence and loyalty to catholic priests. In fact, Catholics see priests (Reverend Fathers) as direct representatives of the Pope and by extension God. They are believed to be infallible. To criticize or call to question proclamations of catholic priests is considered out right heresy by Catholics and non Catholics alike. This is so  because not only are catholic priests the most well trained (at least by number of years), they are considered the most conservative and offer the highest decorum in public conduct. They are seldom enmeshed in controversy and are known to be most restraining when it comes to prophecies and proclamations. Indeed it takes the catholic Church years if not decades to confirm prophecies and miracles. Even then, such authentication goes through rigorous processes involving Church hierarchies. 

No wonder catholic priests seem to enjoy more respect than other priests amongst the larger society. 

Its against this background that most discerning minds have come to interrogate the activities of Fr. Mbaka and his Adoration Ministry viz a viz the teachings and doctrines of the catholic faith. 

In 2003, in retaliation for the harsh treatment of his members by agents of Chimaraoke Nnamani, then governor of Enugu State, Mbaka publicly predicted that Nnamani would loose his re- election bid .

Out of malice and in quest of vengeance, he even threatened to quit the priesthood if  Nnamani won. Nnamani won but Mbaka did not resign.

In the build up to the 2011 gubernatorial elections in Imo State, Mbaka orchestrated a campaign of calumny against Ikedi Ohakim , then governor of Imo State, based on spurious allegations of beating a priest.

In a bizarre and unethical use of the pulpit, he incited the Catholic faithful against Ohakim and in support of Rochas Okorocha and thus helped precipitate the biggest disaster so far in the politics and governance of lmo State.

It’s claimed in some quarters that when Rochas reneged and failed to make good, appropriate reciprocation of his prophetic gestures, Fr.Mbaka apologized to Ohakim and predicted Okorocha’s failure in the 2015 Imo guber polls. Okorocha won.

An erstwhile advocate of president Goodluck Jonathan, it’s believed that when Jonathan relented in patronage, Mbaka lampooned and vilified him, while declaring General Mohammadu Buhari a messiah and prophesying his ascendance to power.

 Nigerians have since seen and tasted the messianic flavour of Buhari’s regime. Only recently Mbaka is known to have been vilifying the presidency purportedly for failure to fulfill promises made to the adoration Ministry. 

In more reactive societies, Mbaka would have been held accountable or gone into oblivion by now on account of the duplicity of his prophesies and his meddlesome and unethical forays in the muck and muddle world of  partisan politics.

But, Ndi Igbo are ardent Christians and predominantly Catholics who believe in the sanctity of the church and infallibility of the priest. The dictum is “Touch Not My Anointed And Do My Prophet No Harm.”

So, basking under the assurance of this maxim and hiding under the umbrella of Catholicism , Mbaka continues to embarrass the Church and inflame the polity at every opportunity in the name of prophesy and intercession.

However, in his latest prophesy/prediction on the 2019 Imo Guber elections and the occupancy of Douglas House, Mbaka has surpassed even his own record of duplicity and rabblerousing.

For a priest and a religious influencer to make such bogus, inflammatory and clearly partisan declaration on a matter that is sensitive and sub judice, in a polity that is already overheated and at such an inopportune time is to take priestly licence too far and to abuse ecclesiastical privilege.

To assert “in the name of God” that Hope Uzodinma who came a distant fourth in the Guber election, whose case was thrown out by the Tribunal and the Court Of Appeal and whose candidacy has since been voided by the court will suddenly be crowned to supplant the winner of the election and legitimate governor of the state is to cast aspersions upon the INEC, the judges of the tribunal and the Court Of Appeal and indeed the good people of lmo State who in their collective wisdom voted for the PDP and Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha KSC CON.

To further proclaim that “Hope will be an agent of salvation” is to make God a liar and an author of confusion. Salvation coming from someone who has represented his people for eight years in the Senate and doesn’t have a single project to show for it, a joke talking too far.

God does not reward fraud, forgery and mendacity. He enthrones the righteous and casts down the high, haughty and mighty. That is the God of Imolites and the God on whose alter, I believe, Farther Mbaka worships. He speaks through his people , that is why it is said that “the voice of the people is the voice of God”.

God has spoken through the people of Imo State that Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha KSC CON is the duly elected governor of Imo State. This has been affirmed by the courts so far. A thousand Kangaroo prophesies will not change it.

What is worrisome is the timing of the prophesy and the undue and deliberate publicity attached to it at a time when the Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter is being expected . Whose interest does this serve, who is this prophesy targeted to influence?

Distancing itself from the prophecy, the Conference of Catholic Bishops in Nigeria has clearly stated that “the Church does not engage in fortune telling”

I call on the court to resist and punish contempt under any guise.

I call on the authorities of the Catholic Church to rein in this recalcitrant priest before he does irreparable damage to the hard won reputation of the Church and call to question the faith of ardent Catholics.

As for the government and people of Imo State, I am certain that nothing can distract them from their focus on the wholistic and comprehensive development and transformation under the Rebuild Imo Agenda of Rt Hon. Emeka Ihedioha KSC CON as they await, with confidence, the affirmation of their collective will by the Supreme Court.


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