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Mugabe’s Mad Regime Revealed: Gang R*pe, Torture And Despot’s 1Million Pounds Birthday


Robert Mugabe’s grip on power has finally come to an end after a military takeover in Zimbabwe.

The 93-year-old has supposedly been detained along with his wife Grace, 52, after the military stormed Zimbabwe’s capital Harare overnight.

Mugabe leaves behind a legacy of scandal, brutality and manic paranoia.

The regime was so corrupt that Mugabe once won his own lottery and spent millions on his 93rd birthday – as millions of Zimbabwe’s citizens starved.

He also employed public executions, gang r*pes and sick torture methods in a bid to intimidate his political opponents.

Mugabe had been the leader of Zimbabwe since it gained independence in 1980.

Having ruled for 37 years, he is one of the longest-serving and most infamous African despots.

Mugabe consolidated his grip on power by instilling fear in his citizens and exercising brutal crackdowns on his opponents.

In 1982, the tyrant sent troops to Matabeleland – a stronghold of opposition party ZATU – in the west and south-west of Zimbabwe.

Over five years, 20,000 of the region’s citizens were slaughtered as part of a campaign to root out dissidents.

Troops carried out beatings, arson, public executions and massacres of the government’s opponents.

The Mugabe regime seized commercial farms and turned them into torture centres.

Soldiers were instructed to dip their weapons in weedkiller before beating victims.

Those who survived the ordeal were then forced to drink the substance and pressured to give up family members.

His henchmen also attacked and often murdered white farmers – burning their homes, looting their possession and confiscating their land.

Mugabe seemed to become increasingly unhinged and corrupt over the decades.




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