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NFF Congress Gives Giwa Conditions For Reconciliation


The congress of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has opened a window for possible reconciliation of all aggrieved stakeholders including Chris Giwa and his group, with a pending court case to retrace their steps and reconcile with the football family.

Among the terms was for the aggrieved parties to within two weeks ensure dismissal of all pending court cases against NFF and its leadership.

It urged them to file affidavits in court to affirm to be bound by and uphold the football statutes as well as undertake not to take any football matter to court but, to resolve any disputes and/or grievances within the available alternative dispute resolutions mechanism enshrined in the football statutes.

Reading a communique issued at the end of the NFF’s extra ordinary general assembly held in Bénin City, Sir Eze Chukwuemeka said the congress would empowered the NFF Executive Committee to commence the process of removing any penalties on persons that are currently under sanctions for breaches of the NFF Statutes provided they complied with the resolutions.

The communique warned that any member that takes any football matter to the ordinary courts of law would be automatically expelled from all football activities with immediate effect from the date of filing such law suit.

It described the suit in Jos as an unnecessary distraction to and detraction from the sustainable growth of football in Nigeria and has the potential to get Nigeria suspended from being a member of the global football family, FIFA.

On the issue of Giwa FC that was expelled from the NPFL in 2016, the communique noted that the club was expelled for multiple breaches of the framework and rules of the league and the claim or challenge by Chris Giwa to NFF leadership.

It explained that Giwa FC was never expelled from participating in league football totally but relegated to the lower league as provided in the league rules.

According to the communique, “As part of reconciliation, the Congress has mandated the Executive Committee to, upon application by Giwa FC, immediately permit the registration of Giwa FC to commence participation in the 2018 Nigeria National League.

“All matches are to be rescheduled in the league to accommodate the club and NFF shall provide reasonable support to the clubs in the division to accommodate these additional matches with Giwa FC, which are not captured in their budgets.”

The communique urged the National Assembly to fast-track the conclusion of the NFF Bill which is said would provide the platform that would completely eliminate most of the current challenges being experienced and ensure the sustainable development of football in Nigeria.

“The Congress further noted that the NFF Statutes would consequently be duly amended to conform to the current realities of modern football management and the provisions of the NFF Bill as well as ensure inclusivity and optimization of service delivery at all levels

“The Executive Committee is endorsed to review the ongoing NFF electoral processes, guidelines and reopen the process for any qualified interested stakeholder to participate, including those that may qualify after meeting the set conditions of taking football matters out of ordinary courts.

“The Congress implored all stakeholders interested in being part of NFF Executive Committee to subject themselves to and come through the legitimate electoral process as outlined in the statutes and, assures all parties of the support of the football family; provided they assume their positions through the legitimate process.”

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