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Nsima Ekere; Desperate,Foolish Or Mad?


By Michael Joseph Okon.

For the love of our dear state and the attendant benefits that the office of Managing Director(MD) of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) should influence for the development of this great state,its patriotic to delve into the mind and core thinking capacity of Mr Nsima Ekere as it concerns perceived insinuations and incitements of a few political jobbers drumming unpatriotic beats for Nsima to contest  the Office of Governor of Akwa Ibom State 2019. My concern for Obong Nsima Ekere and the Akwa Ibom project is genuine beyond the biases of political ideologies and party differences. Me think Akwa Ibom State interest should always transcend our personal selfish interest and gratification. Instead of taunting Ekerephobia after reading this try Embracing *Udomphobia* ,it will help you save your face.

It is on record that Mr Udom Emmanuel veraciously campaigned and demanded that President Mohammed Buhari appoints an Akwa Ibom Son or daughter from APC to complete Akwa Ibom Tenure that was unfortunately truncated on political anti-affiliation,grapevine report also has it that other well meaning influencers from this great state dropped party sentiment and antagonism aside while pushing for the appointment of Obong Nsima Ekere as MD of NDDC with the intent that Akwa Ibom State interest would be Paramount on his agenda.

Suffice to say that instead of concentrating in the business of bettering the Niger Delta States, Mr Nsima Ekere seem to have taller dreams of building monuments in the sky. Not a few Akwaibomites are concerned about the potentially damaging decision hovering around Mr Nsima should he chose to resign as MD and run for Governor of Akwa Ibom State, a contest he is sure to fail because of Mr Udom Emmanuel’s overwhelming grassroot support. His dilemma is likened to Billy the dog seeking the bone from his reflection rather than being contented with the bird at hand. Will he dropped the bone to his destruction and our shame?

Some of his jobless cronies might take to the print, social or electronic media platform to disparage and berate this article just to put food on their selfish table and a few change in their ever greedy pockets with zero recourse to the underpinning crux of the matter.

Our major concern is; who would man the office of MD of NDDC should Nsima Ekere resign to seek the plum job and fails?  Let’s assume in our wildest impossible imagination that he wins as Governor, what happens to the position of MD to NDDC? Would an Akwa Ibom son or daughter be appointed to replace him or will it go to another Niger Delta State? Selah!

My Bible tells me that it is only him that is faithful in little that is expected to be faithful in much. Luckily for us as a State, Obong Nsima Ekere is believed to have gambled well to have his appointment endorsed for a 4 year tenure as against earlier assertion of his completion of Dan Abia’s tenure, having succeeded in such questionable elongation of his tenure, its absurd to imagine Nsima Ekere would throw away this appointment for uncharted waters as against the wish of the majority that his being MD is better than resigning to contest and be disgraced by a grand slide victory from Mr Udom Emmanuel.

His sycophants will attempt to puff his ego by telling him about junk inflicted none existent phobias just to have him spend from our patrimony with phoney subheads. The only way some people seem to be getting money from Nsima Ekere is to sing him towards a sure failure. He should beware of such folks from hence. His failure shall be their success story.

Pundits have submitted that three things are possible in the thinking dilemma that engulfs Obong Nsima Ekere;

1). *DESPERATION* “that feeling or showing that you have little hope and are ready to do anything without worrying about danger to yourself or others.”- *Oxford Dictionary*

What desperation could propel him not to consider the genuine dangers of resigning from a regional office that Akwa Ibom State contributes the highest quarter in oil exploration with peaceful ambiance devoid of militancy?  Desperate people they say do desperate things. Its no longer news that Akwa Ibom business contractors of recent took to the streets to protest against fake contract papers issued from NDDC to curry support for Nsima Ekere’s plum job aspiration. It baffles not a few of us that a man could have so much yet with zero contentment. Its not true that until one becomes a Governor he can not serve his people satisfactorily, its an unpardonable show of ingratitude to the good people of Akwa Ibom State for Nsima Ekere to even imagine becoming our Governor when he is yet to proof his mettle as MD of NDDC to earn our applause for higher responsibility.

The very day Nsima Ekere resigns from that platter of gold appointment to seek the plum job,that’s the very day, the gods have endorsed his monumental and eternal disgrace from the business of leadership.

Today,I plead with Mr Nsima Ekere to seclude himself from his political jobbers and think Akwa Ibom State from where he occupies today as our regional governor rather than resign for the Hill Top mansion which is yet to be vacant till 2023.
*FOOLISHNESS* ;”( of action or behavior) not showing good sense or judgement, Silly,Stupid “- *Oxford Dictionary* .

The next line of disturbing thoughts lays in the disastrous perception of foolhardiness. A man of Nsima Ekere’s history, age and experience should not be classed amongst the foolish except he has chosen to ignore lessons that years of sojourn on mother earth must have taught him. A thousand thoughts flashes back to ascertain if foolishness of any kind was behind is last resignation as Deputy Governor of this great state. Could it be that a man who could not stomach the opportunity to lead then and learn has garnered more guts to attempt trail by error in leading the only state named after the Almighty God? A good leader is best seen in a good follower and this virtue eludes Nsima Ekere.

Is it possible that,the same foolish demon that compelled him to resign as Deputy Governor has finally caught up with him now that he has been delivered from oblivion and political extinction?

No sane father,husband,wife,friend,siblings nor acquaintance of anykind should allow Nsima Ekere take that illogical, unreasonable risk against himself and his respect in the Akwa Ibom Business.

3) *MAD* ; IF Nsima Ekere is not desperate or surrounded by desperate political jobbers who see his aspiration as a channel for their share of embezzled regional cake and if he is not foolish and devoid of good sense of political  judgement,then its possible that he is beside himself and needs immediate remand.

“Mad; Having a mind that does not work normally; mentally ill”- *Oxford Dictionary*

This last line of thinking is the most disturbing of them all. Could it be possible that Senator Udoedehe’s allegation against Nsima Ekere which has never been refuted as being one that snorts the white power(cocaine), one with zero opium control has finally taken it’s toll on the MD? Food for thought.

To become Governor is never by force. Sincerely speaking some of us wish Nsima Ekere would contest at least to add drama to the campaign and force more cash from NDDC APC and the ruling party, yet at the end of the day Akwa Ibom State will loss if he resigns because his failure at the polls is guaranteed.

*© Michael Joseph Okon* writes from Ituk Mbang, he is the Administrator *FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL ON FACEBOOK (FOUE)* with over 40,310 engaging members and daily counting.


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