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Ohanaeze Ndigbo And Another Shenanigan In Iwuanyanwu’s Glasshouse


Prof. L. A Kalu CFR

Iwuanyanwu Glass-house has remained a converging spot of referential symbolism. In the 70s, Iwuanyanwu Glass-house was a splendiferous architectural fabric with Romanesque visage, making it a glee of the eye. It was a public cynosure. 

In the same 70s, the Glass-house was equally a rendezvous for incubation and evulgation of both inimical and seminal issues. The Glass-house which is strategically located at Ama-wire  in Orji along Owerri Okigwe road was like a “slaughter house” where matters of sociopolitical significance were butchered depending on the line of interest. So many decisions both good and evil have been taken in Iwuanyanwu Glass-house which have continued to reverberate in the annals of history. 

Recently, precisely on Thursday, 19th November, 2020, in  a more bizzare approach, another fax-pass and blunder of inestimable measure occurred in the same Glass-house. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, the superintendent of the “Glass-house blunder” handpicked his APC/PDP political associates gathered them in his Glass-house to discuss on how to produce a candidate for election of the next President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo which comes up in January 2021. According to Chief Iwuanyanwu, since the position is zoned to Imo State, that they need to produce a sole candidate for the position. To that effect, he constituted a screening committee which he single-handedly  picked its membership and also told them to pick a candidate for the position of the President-General. In the next sitting,the committee through Chief Iwuanyanwu declared that they have chosen Prof. George Obiozor as the candidate for the position of President-General. The most unfortunate aspect of the whole charade was that Chief Iwuanyanwu never wanted anybody to make a contrary contribution, he never also allowed anybody that he didn’t invite for the meeting to enter into the venue of the meeting. 

The greatest blunder committed by Iwuanyanwu in that meeting on that day was when he said that anybody in the state that dares to contest the position of the President General outside the person they have chosen will be ostracized. This is indeed an embarrassing dialectical mishap which can only be made in Iwuanyanwu Glass-house. But on the contrary, such a caustic blooper shouldn’t have come from an elder statesman like Iwuanyanwu who ought to know the Constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo especially as regards to the election of President General. How can Iwuanyanwu be threatening Imo people with ostracism .  When has Imo State become Iwuanyanwu’s sole enterprise or when has Ohanaeze Ndigbo become  Iwuanyanwu’s group of companies?. But come to think of it, if there is anyone that should be ostracized for any reason, is it not Iwuanyanwu who has indelible black stamps all over his bodies which Imo people and Ndigbo cannot forget in a haste. Thank God Iwuanyanwu is  now bringing up the issue of ostracism, we shall resurrect many hidden issues and to see who stands the risk of being ostracized. 

I used to think that there is still a modicum of honour left with Iwuanyanwu but I never knew that his garment of honor has been torn into shreds. After collectingg huge amount of money from the presidency to conduct such a charade and sell Ohanaeze to the Fulanis, Iwuanyanwu still have the shame and effrontery to unleash a threat of ostracism on Imolites. Thank God there is nothing hidden under the earth. We have information on how Iwuanyanwu collaborated with Hope Uzodimma and Nnia Nwodo to impose a Fulani stooge on  Ndigbo in order to serve their bidding. Iwuanyanwu and his  masterminders should know that such a pedestrian plot cannot stand, Igbos both home and in Diaspora will vehemently resist it.  Ohanaeze Ndigbo is the only standing legacy and conscience of Ndigbo, we cannot allow some Igbo sell-outs and masqueraders to gamble and mortgage the future of Ndigbo on the altar of selfishness and egocentrism. 

The election of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo must follow the stipulated guidelines as provided in the Ohanaeze constitution not for any body or group to sponsor any form of tragicomical hogwash in Iwuanyanwu Glass-house in a bid to dictate who becomes the next President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. No body or any state has the explicit power to present a sole candidate for the position of the President General. Any body from Imo state can vie for the position of the President General which will be decided by the National General Assembly of Ohanaeze Ndigbo as clearly and expressly stated in Article 11(b) of the Constitution of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. An election committee will be approved by Imeobi in accordance with Ohanaeze constitution.

Against the concocted plot by Iwuanyanwu and his pay-masters in Aso Rock , it is the Igbos that will determine who becomes the next President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. And such person cannot be a card carrying member of APC like Iwuanyanwu’s candidate or PDP or any other political party. The next President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo must be a core Igbo breed who perfectly understands the dynamics of the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, such person must be a pan-Igbo breed who has the voracious appetite of repositioning and mainstreaming Ndigbo into the Pinnacle of the Nation’s leadership. 

It is important for  Ndigbo to ignore Iwuanyanwu and their onslaught. Their drama is to justify the money they collected from the presidency. Ndigbo will choose their President General and that shall be done at the appropriate time.

Prof. L. A Kalu CFR, writes from Washington USA.


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