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Okorocha and The Iron Bender Mentality


Aic Akwarandu

There is nothing we will not see in Imo especially in the era of Gov. Okorocha. At a time when you think He should be sober, with reflections on his administration since the past 8 years, He is busy committing more atrocities.

The latest gist is that the Governor has turned to an Iron Bender, packing all the iron rods owned by the State Government, moving them to Ogboko His home town. This is the the highest form of wickedness and mans inhumanity to a State.

This evening, it took the efforts of great Imo youths, Aku Obidimma, Kissinger Ikeokwu, Njemanze’s and lot others to block the entrance of Heroes square where the rods are being loaded for evacuation. The question is, must the Governor take everything? Must He destroy Imo before leaving?

For those who think is about Ihedioha, let me tell you, the man Ihedioha has become the Governor of Imo State and that has entered his CV. If his reason for contesting is to answer Governor he has achieved it, but that’s not the reason. He is interested in a better governed Imo and a leadership of due process. He is interested in restoring democracy in Imo and making Imo a better State.

Achieving all these depends on how we raise our voices against the evil acts of Gov. Okorocha and family. While He is at the centre of the looting, Uche Nwosu is on the other side, his brothers are at both the right and left wing. What about the wife, She is at the goal post stealing while the sisters, relatives are all at the defense and midfield.

The stealing is too much. Stealing Iron rods, traffic light, most of which were not done by his administration shows how petty the present administration is. Ndi Imo must remain vigilant as we keep vigil on the iron bender.


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