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Okorocha’s Desperation: Payment Of Half Salary To Imo Workers Not Accepted – PDP


In a desperate bid to induce Imo workers, the governor of the state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has paid the February salary of Imo civil servants.
It will be recalled that Governor Okorocha had summoned the state’s workers to appear in uniform at the Dan Anyiam Stadium yesterday, just to cheer him and his family as they launched a last ditch effort to revive their dead campaign to impose his son in-law as Imo governor and his daughter as First Lady.
In a press release signed by Damian Oparah, it revealed that the Imo workers had no option but to obey the directives as they were used to boost the crowed at the stadium as his son in-law closed his uninspiring and unenthusiastic dead on arrival campaign.
It described the effort as one last desperate bid to induce and hoodwink the suffering Imo workers who have suffered greatly under his administration.
“What is worse is that the salary alert just received, was even a far cry of the 70% salary ratio Imo workers had been subjected and reduced to for the past four years under this administration.
“The alert received showed that the governor paid only 50% of the workers February salary.
“This is the same government that got over N67 Billion in Bailout funds and two tranches of Paris Club Debt Refund, monies sunk in the drains”.
The recent payment according to the Oparah came out of reluctance after the governor have used the state’s last allocations to fund his desperate bid to enthrone the Okorocha fiefdom in Imo where he will be the Senator for Imo East and Presidential Aspirant and his son in-law will superintend Imo allocation on his behalf as governor.
“Imo women will continue worshipping his daughter after his wife as First Lady”, it added.
“It is on record that Governor Rochas Okorocha has treated Imo workers and Pensioners as slaves.
“He pays them when ever he deems fit, but will compel them to appear in uniform at the stadium to boost crowd for his son in-law’s failed governorship project.
“The same government paying workers 50% salary has deployed N2 Million to its supporters per polling booth to buy voters into their failed ambition.
He called on Imo workers to reject Rochas’s hand to mouth policy as workers deserved their wage.
“Imo workers are not beggars whose wages must be made a condition for a dying governorship ambition of a son in-law.
“Imo people must take back their freedom by voting and mobilizing people to vote PDP and Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, who has promised to make the welfare of Imo workers and Pensioners his priority once elected into office.


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