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Olumba Olumba Obu, A Being Without Blemish, Says Veteran Journalist


Eyo Charles

A veteran journalist in Cross River State, Mr. Charles Eniang who is the publisher of Glimmer newspaper has described the King of kings and Lord of lords, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu as a Gift to humanity, and one which Nigeria should wake up to accord adore

In an interview, he said the spiritual Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is an unblemished Personality as well as an Idol in the firmament of Christian worship.

He said that His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu stands out conspicuously in His traits, deeds and virtue of philanthropy. 

He said Father Olumba is one being who has the virtue of love all about Him: that He does not bother to know who anyone comes from but would lavish the one with unmeasured care, love and goodness.

Eniang who said that, though he grew up with and attended same school in his younger days with the Father, yet the Personality is beyond description.

Apart from preaching and practising gospel of peace and love, Eniang said that the Leader of BCS has more than any other individual in the state invested a great deal of resources, including money, time and energy to promote human capital as well as establish numberless industries and engaged thousands of indigenes and non indigenes gainfully.

Hear Eniang: “His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is God-sent.  He is the true description of the Man God. He is very magnanimous. He is the Philanthropist par excellence. He has the divine qualities.

“He is the Pivot of the modern day Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. He has completely, effectively and efficiently administered and blossomed the Kingdom of BCS.

“I can say that He has also expanded Brotherhood evangelism beyond the frontiers of Nigeria and Africa, more than what it used to be. This has tremendous impacted the population and strength of the fold.

“He is the New Idol in the firmament of Christian worship. I believe that He is a Gift to modern day Christianity. He stands out in words and deeds. He is unrivalled.

“Despite earlier challenges which were very necessary in the BCS, He has held on to the flock and is leading them in peace and love, making them all to flourish. He is a Man of unblemished record.  He is the Good Propagator of the word of God. He has completely surrendered Himself and riches to God. No doubt about this.

“He is tirelessly extending right hand of fellowship to, especially the less privileged, and I hear He even has established an orphanage which houses increasing number of distressed children.

“I need also to add that to help propel His evangelism; He is a big time investor in agriculture and small and large scale enterprises both in and outside of the state.

“He has done a lot to benefit the state and its people. He has employed thousands of people in his media houses, firms, bank, and expansive rubber estate.

“As a big time philanthropist, like others, I have benefitted much from Him.  For instance, He sponsored me through Fora Bay College, Sierra Leone, which is one of the oldest higher institutions of learning in Africa.  I am aware that He has so sponsored many people like that.

“He is a family builder, a bridge builder. He has helped to repair many broken families.

“In the media industry, His contributions are enormous. He has established an international cable TV called Staracross, a newspaper called, New Kingdom Trumpet, a radio station and employed professionals, which helps to reduce youths in the unemployment market.

“As a long time patron to journalist’s bodies in the state and South-South zone of Nigeria.  He has established many awards for investigative journalism and several other interventions”.

The veteran journalist also said that in the 1980s and early 1990s when His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu physically led the state football club, the Rovers FC as its chairman, the team became very famous, winning all available football laurels in the country.  All the footballers at that time in that team became famous and also had dominated the national football senior team then.

Eniang said that Father Olumba Obu is a Being that is tireless in accommodating, uniting and pushing mankind towards goodness. He is very proud of the Father as One from his own state.

“He remains my Friend for life”, he once told this reporter.


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