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Online Food Marketplace: An Opportunity For Restaurants To Make Quick Turnover


In Lagos alone, there are thousands of restaurants. These restaurants are regularly looking for creative ways to attract customers to patronise them. Unknown to them, some of these customers do not have time to visit these restaurants. Don’t they eat? Of course, they do!

The fact is they have turned to online food marketplaces like Jumia’s food ordering platform and others to order their meals.  The advantage here is that the food is delivered to their homes and offices at the quickest time. This means the earnings of restaurants yet to sell on Jumia will be affected as more and more Lagosians and Nigerians turn to online food marketplaces.

This does not have to be your restaurant. Online food marketplaces like Jumia’s food ordering platform and others are on the ground to inject convenience in the restaurant business and help them make more money. Jumia’s food ordering platform is the most convenient online food ordering site, connecting people with the best restaurants around them. You see only the best are on Jumia‘s food ordering platform and if you are one of the best, you really have to sign up your restaurant.

While some restaurants see online food delivery platforms as competition, restaurants like Yin Yang Express, Roadchef, The Place, KFC, Drumstix, Bukka by Choice, Beleful, and Johnny Rockets among others have already signed up to Jumia food marketplace. And from reports, the partnership or collaboration is working. Everyone is happy.

Regardless, there are still a whole lot more restaurants that are struggling and still do not want to signup to online food delivery platforms.

If you recall an article titled dear QSR, take your menu online, take your menu online to become a sustainable business written by Olukayode Kolawole, he urged QSRs to sign up on Jumia and specifically challenged the management of Tantalizers to sign up all their restaurants in the 3 key cities (Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt) where it operates between now and December. He added: “Let’s begin to measure the impact and track progress in terms of sales 12 months afterwards.” We are yet to hear from the management of Tantalizers.

There is no need for any restaurant to be sceptical about doing business with online food marketplaces. This is because there will come a time when all orders will be online and even if a restaurant builds its own food ordering marketplace, it may begin to deal with challenges that Jumia has already managed. It is either the restaurants shape in and grab the lifetime opportunity of signing up your restaurants. It is a win-win situation.


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