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Only Restructuring Can Save Nigeria From Imminent Collapse – Atiku


Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Former Nigeria’s Vice-President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said that only restructuring can save the nation from imminent collapse.

According to Atiku, the country cannot make any meaningful progress without restructuring, in order to decentralise power as well as allow states to be responsible for their own development and self-sustenance.

The former Vice-President, who spoke through the national chairman of Atiku Care Foundation, Amb. Aliyu Bin Abbas, at the inauguration of the Anambra chapter of Atiku Care Foundation in Awka at the weekend, noted that devolution of powers was necessary to enable the federating states to attend to issues of road construction and rehabilitation and other social amenities, stressing that restructuring Nigeria would help states manage their affairs properly.

Abbas who said that Atiku Care Foundation was a non-partisan cum non-governmental organisation, explained that the sole aim of the foundation was to extend care and affection to the less-privileged, internally-displaced persons and the general public at large noting that the foundation had enlivened the lives of many in the country.

On the 2019 presidential election, he said the former Vice-President had the right to contest any political office in the country and that  Atiku knew the problems of the country and would provide solutions to them if he became president.

He said the foundation was determined to project and promote the person of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in spite of obvious misconceptions and misinterpretation of his personality by political mischief makers adding that despite the commitment he showed in making sure that Muhammadu Buhari became President, they now purportedly ganged up against him to pull him down at every slightest opportunity.

Anambra state coordinator of the Atiku Care Foundation, Hon. Ndubuisi Obijiofor, in his remarks, stated that Atiku’s political ideology centred on restructuring Nigeria and that the country could only get it right when the component units depend less on the government at the centre.

Obijiofor also observed that Ndigbo needed political and economic emancipation to enable them to become self-reliant and self-sufficient. All these and more, according to him, were what Atiku would guarantee if he became President of Nigeria in 2019.

Credit: Newsquest


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