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Osinbajo Calls For Simplification On Adoption Process


The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, has called for the simplification of adoption process in the country.

This according to him would encourage more people to adopt and provide care for as many children that need help.

He spoke at the second annual conference of Heritage Adoprion Support And Advocacy Group (HASAAG), at Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

HASAAG is an offshoot of The Heritage Homes Orphanage founded by  Pastor Ituah Ighodalo.

Osinbajo, who was the special guest of honour, said something must be done to bring children to love and care.

He also called for the need on sensitization and education on adoption, noting that this sometimes influences the processes and enable everyone to understand what adoption is all about.

Osinbajo also noted that counties that have good development are majorly those where adoption takes place.

“There are numbers of children all over the world not cared for by any one; they need love and care from parents.

“We need more men and women to advocate on adoption and make the difference. There is need for more people to be committed and speak up more about adoption.

“Adoption is in God’s plan. Anyhow we come about children, be it by birth or adoption, it is in God’s plan because there is something divine about adoption. God wants us to look at adoption, it is the greatest act of love regardless of who we are,” he said.

Pastor Ighodalo, who is also the Chairman Board of Trustees, HASAAG Team, said the group was

Established to take care of adoption, to enable more people to adopt and to make the world a better place while also giving opportunity to the children.

According to him, their vision is to remove the stigma and shame associated with adoption and to change the negative perception towards adoption in the society, while also tendering support to prospective adoptive parents and adoptees.

“We are here to celebrate adoption, to encourage people to adopt and to remove the stigma of adoption and to educate people on the need to adopt”.

He noted that people need to be counselled that once a child is adopted, the child belongs to them and must be well taken care of.

He said government should be proactive and interested in the adoption process to enable it to be shortened, however not compromising on the process.

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