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Owan-Enoh Vows To Cancel Ayade’s Projects, Challenges Him to Further Destroy His Billboards


Akpan Etukudoh Asare

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State, Senator John Owan-Enoh has vowed to cancel most or all of the projects undertaken by the PDP Governor, Senator Ben Ayade in the state, saying they are all scam and drain pipes.

He said all the projects never passed through due process and neither did the state House of Assembly deliberated over them nor gave its approval with necessary laws of the state.

He said most of the projects, like the Garment Factory, for instance, the ownership were shrouded in secrecy and that the state was not aware of their costs and how they were generating so far.

“For the so-called superhighway  and  Bakassi deep sea projects. It is as certain that it will be cancelled as my election as the next governor. It would be my first assignment to look into all the projects, their viability, their ownership, the costs sunk into them, with a view to knowing which to continue with.

” Even the United States of America can hardly embark on such grandiose and cost intensive projects let alone the federal government of Nigeria.  These are the ways Ayade and his brother are siphoning our state resources to private accounts. Ayade needs to tell us how much do all these white elephant projects cost. How much are they generating. Ayade is fooling the state.”

Owan-Enoh expressed deep anger over continual destruction of his campaign posters and billboards, warning that he will no longer tolerate such brazen attack.

He alleged that the Governor who he said was jittery over his emergence as the APC flag bearer send his agents and thugs to being down all his campaign billboards in Calabar and other major towns in the state.

Owan-Enoh said that the state governor has felt very intimidated by his emergence as the flag bearer of the APC, so that he has resorted to intimidating antics, giving orders that there should be no political campaign posters and billboards in the state except his.

“I have the approvals of INEC to embark on my campaign and to do so through available public media organs, including billboards and posters.  I have paid substantial sums of money to advertising agencies and other statutory charges to erect the billboards. I had some giant billboards in Calabar, Ikom, Obudu but the governor sent his agents and to pull down and destroying my billboards because he is feeling uneasy with my presence in the race.

“He should take this strong advice seriously. The security agencies, too, should be placed on notice that as i begin my campsign in full force if any of my posters or billboards are torn or pulled down, I shall lead public protest to bring down all his posters all over the state. If the governor does not want peace, we will not give him peace. There would be public disorder in this state, so that the lawlessness of the governor must stop.”

The APC governorship hopeful said that in recent times many of his supporters have been attacked and one killed in Obudu, the governor’s hometown: that his campaign equipment and venues have suffered much attacks from Ayade’s agents and thugs.

He warned that the governor should desist from threatening him and stifling opposition in the state, alleging that the governor has several times blocked him from campaigning in some local government areas of the state, especially his Obudu and other northern LGAs.

Reacting, Gov Ayade through his chief media adviser, Christian Ita said Owan-Enoh was looking for cheap publicity and public sympathy by claiming Ayade was destroying his billboards.  He denied that anybody was threatening him except his own factionalised APC.

“Owan-Enoh knows that he is failing already in his mission. How can the governor threaten him or pull down his posters when we know certainly that there is no threats from anybody against Gov Ayade’s second term ambition. Everybody knows that Cross River is PDP and PDP is Cross River. Owan-Enoh is only looking for cheap publicity and sympathy. Let him look at the battle and division within his own APC”, Ita said.


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