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PDP Vote Buying Mechanism, A Threat To Democracy Says APC


The All Progressives Congress (APC) said on Monday asked security agents and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to check what it described as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) vote buying machineries already deployed ahead of rerun election scheduled for Thursday.

Acting National Publicity Secretary, Yekini Nabena said in a statement that the outcome of the Osun election confirmed the threats by the PDP to deploy all means, Scheme, shenanigans in all ramifications to rig all the elections beginning from the Osun election.

It said that the vote buying mechanics deployed by the PDP during the Osun election is a threat to democracy and current efforts t9 ensure the sanctity of the nation’s elections.

While asking the people of Osun to resist any of such attempts, the APC wondered why the main opposition is raising questions about the inconclusive nature of the Osun election when they failed to do same in previous elections, especially the governorship election in Kogi State.

The APC said: “The aftermath of Saturday’s inconclusive Osun State Governorship election has confirmed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) vow to deploy all “means, schemes, shenanigans in all ramification and magnitude” to rig all coming elections, starting from the Osun State Governorship election.

“It is now clear that the vote-buying template introduced by the PDP and brazenly deployed in the Osun inconclusive election is an urgent threat to our democracy and current efforts to ensure the sanctity of our elections.

“While the PDP and its paid proxies where accusing other political parties of irregularities during Saturday’s inconclusive elections, the Party was busy perpetuating its vote-buying scheme as exposed in several leaked videos showing PDP agents buying votes for its candidate, Sen. Ademola Adeleke particularly in Ede local councils of Osun State.

“The PDP’s now public rigging method particularly vote-buying and dissemination of diversionary fake news must be checked particularly as we go into the INEC-ordered Osun governorship rerun.

“We also call on the electorate, civil society organisations and relevant stakeholders to speak out and resist the PDP’s retrogressive plans which threaten our democracy.

“Again, while the PDP attempts to misinform the public on the rationale for declaring the Osun Governorship election inconclusive, they should be reminded that in 2015, the late Abubakar Audu of Kogi State was leading by 240, 867 votes to PDP 199,514 votes, the margin of 41,353 favoured the APC but it was declared inconclusive.

“INEC ordered a rerun because 49,953 cancelled votes were higher than the 41,353 despite the fact that APC was leading with a wide margin. At the time, the PDP did not protest rather prepared and waited for the rerun date.

“The PDP cannot be supportive of decisions only when it seemingly favours them. There are electoral precedents, guidelines and laws which are binding on all.

“Finally, we reiterate our confidence that the Osun electorate will resist the PDP’s deployment to take over the state by force. The people’s will; the people’s vote is supreme. It must be respected and defended. That is democratic, progressive and the right thing.”

(the nation)


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