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Sack Your Security Chiefs Now, Lawyer Warns Buhari


Akpan Etukudo Asare, Calabar

A constitutional lawyer and Notary Public, Leonard Anyogo has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately relieve all his security chiefs of their duties as they were no longer effective and efficient.

He said that the recent admission by the President that those behind the rampant killings of Nigerians were foreign trained terrorists from some African countries has left much to be desired, so that the country is needlessly exposed to complicated risks.

Anyogo in a statement in Calabar said a total overhaul of Nigeria’s security system and the application of security intelligence were overdue if the country were not not to be overrun.

“To continue to do otherwise will be a negation of the Oath of Office taken by the President”, he maintained.

“A good leader knows the way, shows the way and goes the way is a general maxim. I hold very strongly and rightly too that the most fundamental right of a human being nay citizen is right to life as constitutionally guaranteed, hence the basic responsibility of any government is the protection of her citizens and property.

“The President rightly based on the security report available to him has strangely confirmed the presence of foreign invaders and terrorists committing daily genocide and declaration of war on the Nigerian state but shockingly the response to this invasion is very distasteful and that’s why everyone is confused, you can’t be invaded and yet decide to respond very weakly with a civil action of petting the terrorists.It doesn’t add up.

I call on Mr President to fully order the full use of maximum use of all our military resources to flush out the ‘foreign invaders'”, the lawyer said.


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