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Search The Police Before They Search You – Constitutional Lawyer Urges


Akpan Etukudoh Asare

A constitutional lawyer and notary public, Mr Leonard Anyogo has urged Nigerians to always subject any policemen coming with  warrant to conduct searches in their homes and offices to subject them first to proper searching before they are allowed in.

He said the federal constitution permits it, and listed array of rights which Nigerians ought to enjoy but which they do not know.

The public analyst spoke to and answered questions from the congregants and guests at. Our Lady Queen of Angels Parish Calabar on the topic  ‘The Dignity and Rights of the Human Person’ when they celebrated their laity week.

“I want to encourage Nigerians to avail themselves of the federal constitution which is the mother of all laws in the country. It provides array of fundamental rights to Nigerians but are never enforced because Nigerians themselves are ignorant of them.  For instance, it is the right of all Nigerians to also subject law enforcement officers coming to conduct search in their houses or offices to also subject them to search so that they do not come into their premises with incriminating items”, he said.

Speaking at length on the ongoing mass killing in the country, h also said the constitution provides for self defence, urging urged the church not to sit on the fence but exercise their rights  and maintained that the constitution provids for  right to living and necessity for such  to be respected.

Anyogo said laws without sanctions or implementation is but a mere piece of paper, which serves no useful purpose, calling on the authorities to rise and act decisively because the killings in Benue and Plateau are but genocide organised by certain elements.

The constitutional lawyer challenged the church in Nigeria to exercise their constitutional rights by regularly engaging the governments through peaceful interface for them to ensure that they are proactive in securing lives and properties.

He said the primary functions of any government are to protect lives and provide for their well being, and not sit by watching the people being slaughtered at will.

He said that the federal government has shown that they do not have the will power to protect Nigerians and stop their perennial killing in many parts of the country. describing  it as flagrant disregard for the rights of Nigerians to live and freely associate.

He said it was unthinkable that for so long perpetrators have been allowed to continue unabated with their heinous and unpardonable crime of mass killing of Nigerians without their sponsors been punished.

He said government has failed to protect the people, saying there should be enough of the killings.


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