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Sharing Formula In Uruan,My Take


Hon Dr Eventus Edem

My opinion is simple, *at no point had two elective positions been domiciled in one locality in Uruan* ,,Uruan is subdivided into two mega geopolitical zones of North Central and South taking care of (former Itak Uruan and Akwa Uruan LGAs), Chairmen and House of Assembly positions are almost always shared between the two mega geopolitical zones.

From 1999 till date. Nyong Etim Udo of central of North/Central went for Executive Chairman in1999 while Asuquo Nyong Essien of South took the House of Assembly in same year.The appointment of Barr Orok Etim Orok in 2003 was transition to complete the first tenure and all appointments are at the discretion of the Governor not by zoning ,if appointments were to be zoned then the North central block couldn’t have gotten about three 3 Commissioners; Medo Medo,Dr Donatus Okon ,Prince Godwin Ntukude and 1 Special Adviser to governor; Mrs Theresa Ededet Bassey and yet nobody from Southern Uruan of two clans and six wards was considered as Commissioner for over 23 years and three elected Civilian Administrations In Akwa Ibom State.,So when Chairmanship moved to South in 2003 Lady Roberta Nyong picked it while Hon Usenobong Akpabio was the preferred Candidate from North Central in an election keenly contested by Bassey Isin,Charles Oman and one other candidate from a Central ,Rt Hon Usenobong Akpabio won that primary with only 2 votes,so nothing was zoned to a particular nuclear group nor clan but to a the whole North/Central zone.And in 2007 Usenobong Akpabio went for second term and won the primaries contested by Kufre Etuk and Mrs Atim Isong all from South part of Uruan  ,and by 2008 South Uruan took its turn of Chairmanship since North central won through Barr Usenobong Akpabio so by 2008 yours Sincerely was selected by consensus as the Chairman (Dr Eventus Edem)although some people fronting for Barr Nyong Etim Udo had thought Central should have had their turn ,but majority had their way and South had the chairmanship position. And in 2011Rt Hon Usenobong Akpabio went for a third term but majority of aspirants were in the South ,(I contested with Bony Nyong And Bush and Roberta Nyong )but Kufre Etuk from South Uruan won and naturally by 2012 Chairmanship moved up to North/Central and Hon Jude Effiong from Central And Hon Anthony Jude Akan from North contested and Tony Akan from North won for North Central and by 2015 Hon Aniekan Bassey won incumbent Hon Kufre Etuk all from South Uruan mega block in the contest to keep the Assembly position in the Southern part of Uruan for balancing and maintenance of zoning.

I stand on the existing zoning formula that shaped Uruan over the years since the advent of democracy in1999 to be maintained and Elective positions shared between the two mega geopolitical blocks in Uruan !The records are there for every one to see and confirm for himself or herself.


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